A bounty hunter arrives to take HR back to Earth-19 for unauthorised breach travelling. Cisco stands up for him, and ends up in a duel to the death with Gypsy who can also vibe.


To Cisco, Wells has been his biggest influence, and he feels that he owns his mentor a debt. In HR, maybe there is a way of repaying a little back. So, when the opportunity arises to help HR he jumps in. It was either that or he wanted to spend some quality time with Gypsy!

I’m certain that Cisco was never this self-confident before. He’s asking her to that little Thai place he knows on first sight, and there is a simmering tension between the two throughout their scenes together. Ultimately Gypsy is a bit of a tease, but she’ll be back.

Even their fight was entertaining, with them jumping around the multiverse (shout out to Miss Tessmacher) with Gypsy generally having the upper hand. Cisco though, steals the win thanks to Julian’s strategy, of attacking her as she jumps out of a portal. So rather than going back with HR, she consoles herself with bags of coffee.

On a side note. I’m not convinced that Julian’s medium term future is with Team Flash, but his dispassionate analysis is something which the team hasn’t had for a while. He may not have the right interpersonal skills, but the others are listening to him. Please, please don’t go down the Caitlin falls for him route and then yank him away from her. We know that Frosty has form on this.

I thought that there would be more to HR’s crimes than simply an unauthorised jump to a different Earth. This makes his plan of sending his book back chapter by chapter really idiotic, because you know, they can trace it back. Even the trail by combat seemed off, but I shouldn’t complain too much.

The reason why HR jumps to this universe parallels nicely to Iris’ storyline of the week. Both want to make a difference and be something. HR realised that on Earth-19 he was a phoney, while Iris is afraid of not having a legacy if she does die in May. They are working on changing these conceptions.

This is the first time for quite some while that we’ve seen Iris the reporter. There isn’t really much in the way of reporting done, get brother to photocopy case files on father’s desk. The attitude of I know when I’m going to die so you can’t kill me, was unsettling, and her father is pretty unhappy with her recklessness. If she doesn’t want him to know, then don’t act so out of character.


Quick Hits:

  • Kid Flash is really enjoying himself at the moment, but he is too easily manipulated by his sister.
  • Whatever happened to Golden Glider?
  • Iris certainly knows manipulate her family. First she talks Wally into helping her, and then the family conversation with Joe is just brilliant.
  • Have I ever said that Joe does the best confused dad ever?
  • Barry takes a back seat in this episode, but his conversations with Cisco and Iris (at the end) show how good a leader he has become. I really liked the bit about leaning on others.
  • Julian saying that Gypsy might just be having an off day doesn’t give himself enough credit.
  • We’ve always known that Cisco is unique in the multiverse.
  • Another point as to why Barry is brilliant. He realises that the best way to save Iris maybe through Wally. He cannot do everything himself.


And Finally…

It’s good to know that Cisco has a type, sexy, intense and deadly. The man has got good taste.