Livewire escapes from prison, whilst James decides that it is time for him to tell Kara about his extracurricular activities.


I think that Kara needs to chill for a minute! It could have been that she was over stressed with her nemesis, Livewire, back on the loose, or it could be her conflicting feelings for Mon-El clouding her judgement, but her instincts were off in this episode.

In the previous episode, Kara ended up without her powers but it didn’t change her desire to help those that were kidnapped. Yet, she goes all high and mighty on James when she finds out that he is the Guardian. It is interesting how their first two conversations mirror each other about what makes a hero.

Yes, I know that Kara cares for James and doesn’t want him to get hurt, but it shouldn’t be left to only those with special powers to protect everyone. Has she met her sister? I’m not saying that she should like the idea of Winn and vigilante James, but she should at least understand their motivations.

On the opposite side of the spectrum we have Mon-El who Kara is totally into being a hero. You knew that the training faux pas was going to reappear in the episode. He even finally admits to Kara that he knew that he kissed her, and that he cares for her even though she doesn’t feel the same way towards him. Haven’t we seen this like twice before, with Winn and James. I suppose we’re going to have to get used to the jilted suitors working together.

So M’gann was psychically attacked by White Martians, and they are on their way. This whole storyline was to bring J’onn and her closer together. It is even a big thing for J’onn to accept her as a friend, but seeing what she did in an attempt to save his kind burns the hatred away. He needs to have another reason to live. Maybe he needs to get out more.


Quick Hits:

  • Now why was it the cardboard little girl who lost her head? It would have been funnier if it was cardboard J’onn that got injured during the training.
  • Winn is very busy tailoring for people. He’s making a suit for Mon-El, while he needs to do some running repairs on James’. I hope that he keeps a sowing kit on him.
  • It’s good to see Kara finally using her press credentials for something. With Maggie in on the secret, she is seamlessly being brought into everything.
  • The line about how stressful it is to have a nemesis. Could it have been more Supergirl?
  • It may not have been the way James wanted Kara to find out about the Guardian, but she now knows.
  • Did Kara really threaten James?
  • You knew that when the boys were going after the mad scientist on their own it was going to go badly.
  • There wasn’t really much to the Livewire part of the episode. We don’t even get to see how he transferred her powers to the other two.
  • So, is Winn allowed to use the van still for helping James? We know that the Guardian will still be around. Will he be sanctioned by the DEO?
  • Vegetarian ice cream sounds like the worst thing ever.


And Finally…

I love the whole concept of Livewire suing the scientist bloke for copyright infringement on her powers. That would be fun to watch.