Daisy is in LA chasing after a serial killer after a weapons deal goes wrong. Coulson and Mack check in on Yo-Yo as a ruse to try and find Daisy.


On first impressions, I’m not sure that I am a big fan of the “new” SHIELD and its currently off screen director. They say that he is slightly paranoid, information seems to be compartmentalised, and there is a new spectrum of authority. That colour coded badge system sounds just like something that Simmons would create.

Talking of Fitz’s better half, it appears that she is quite high up within the new management team. Again, I’m not too comfortable with the idea of daily lie detection tests. She says that she has been providing cover for the old team, and that even though the new director trusts her, she doesn’t reciprocate.

Fitz seems to have a new hobby helping Radcliffe with his unauthorised robot creation. He’s right not to get Gemma involved. If you are planning on having decoys, what about robots that can be controlled remotely? Does anyone else remember the movie Surrogates?

Something else, I know that Radcliffe uses the word mimicry because AI development is banned (see Ultron). However, isn’t the Turing test about AI, so Aida passing it wouldn’t be a good thing. This is going to go so wrong…

Finally, on the field agents side of SHIELD we have Coulson, Mack and May. May seems to have got herself a team who have taken her very simple philosophy to heart. Know what to do, get in, and do your thing. Coulson and Mack are seemingly spending time on the bus doing most of the running around. Even though they are forbidden to, they go off looking for Quake.

And finally, we get to the Ghost Rider part of the episode. We’re introduced to him through the eyes of Daisy, who is still on the run from SHIELD. I believe that Agents of Shield is now on a later time slot in America, so things are a little more graphic. But the interesting thing at the end of the Ghost Rider and Daisy fight, she wanted to die but Ghost Rider wouldn’t do it.

You know that there is going to be more of a dynamic between the Robbie and Daisy. Right?


Quick Hits:

  • No matter what happens or how close he gets to Coulson, Mack still isn’t allowed to touch Lola.
  • I felt slightly uncomfortable when Mack and Coulson starting talking about bagging and tagging enhanced people.
  • Mack may have got himself an exploding pen, but Coulson’s X-ray hand is so much cooler.
  • I’m glad that Yo-Yo is still around. I like the dynamic between Mack and herself, even though that fraternising is not allowed.
  • Did I mention that new SHIELD doesn’t sound that great?
  • Oh look, Daisy has herself a van. It looks just like the one we saw her in when we first met her. At least she isn’t living in it yet!
  • It appears that Agents of Shield is going down the supernatural route. That was definitely a ghost that was in the box.
  • I so happy seeing Fitz and Simmons together in bed during the montage at the end of the episode.


And Finally…

It seems that May is affected by the spirit as she sees a hollowed-out Coulson.