In this episode, Gluttony and Lust fail in their attempt to kill Scar in East City. Meanwhile, the Elric brothers find that the First Branch of the library has been burned down.


I’ve said this before, but these early episodes do go at a rapid rate. Of course Marcoh’s notes weren’t just going to be sitting there ready for the boys to get their grubby little hands on, but the resolution was pretty swift. I love Lust’s attitude of, I can’t be bothered looking for the notes, let’s burn the whole place down. Our lusty isn’t patient.

The little unconfident, nerdy, photographic memory reading machine, Sheska is also great. The fact that her flat is nothing more than a pile of books, is over the top. Of course it is Al who tells her that she isn’t a pathetic mess, and that her dedication is a talent on its own. Now she has a new job working for Maes Hughes. I hope she likes pictures of his daughter.

The episodes moves on quickly to the brothers attempting to decipher Marcoh’s notes. This brings them to the grimmest of realisations, that Philosopher’s stones are created through human sacrifice. They cannot deal with the idea that to get their bodies back, others may have to be sacrificed. That’s a big thing to deal with, so of course they are going to hide in their room.

There is a big picture thing going on here. Marcoh’s research was for the military, so are they experimenting from his notes. Of course they are, but how high up does this go? The Major is right when he says that it could easy become political. Everything points to this being a rather big thing.

Ed and Al don’t care as they are off to investigate on their own.


Quick Hits:

  • Gluttony was going to get a meal until Scar escapes, and we know he did as there was no body.
  • So who exactly is this father that Lust needs to report to?
  • Ed and Al get new body guards in the form of Ross and Brosh. They have no idea how important the boys are.
  • Once Maes Hughes has you in his sights you aren’t getting away. Dragging Sheska to her new job.
  • I appreciate that Armstrong told them not to do anything, but unless he physically stopped them, Ed and Al were always going to the Fifth Laboratory.
  • For once Al is simply too big to get into the laboratory. However, Ed the pipsqueak is just the perfect size. He finally admits that he isn’t normal size.


And Finally…

If Major Armstrong strips off and glares at me, I’m probably going to tell him all of my secrets too.