Flynn and Anthony go back and cause communication problems as the Apollo 11 moon landing happens. Rufus turns to one of heroes for help.


I’ve made this point before, but what is it between Garcia Flynn and Lucy’s journal? It’s his guide to what he is going to do next in his attempt to take down Rittenhouse. It must mention though that he is being thwarted at every turn by Team Excellent Adventure. So, is there a bigger game going on that we aren’t ware of yet?

It is of course possible that the journal is a fake. It would be a series ruining twist, but it could happen. If it is fake, then it is at least imperfect. Why would Flynn think that the team was still stuck pre-revolutionary war, because if that was the case then Lucy would never have given him the journal in the first place.

The problems with time travel shows.

Anyway, Flynn has a side mission this week, following a secretary who doodles engine designs. My first thought was just kill her already. Then when we came across Gabriel, her son, and I immediately made a note of, is it the son? The revelation that Maria was his mother and that he was there to save the life of his half-brother was a good move.

Let’s get one thing clear, Flynn didn’t do this for himself. He did this for his mother, whom he knew would never let go of her first child’s death. Garcia would never have met Gabriel, so the connection isn’t there, but he did it because his mother always looked sad. It also causes another crack with Lucy and Wyatt who wonder why they cannot go back to save their loved ones.

I’m going to do some hero 101. Bad guys are allowed to ignore rules, good guys, not so much. Could this be the overall reason for these early missions, to get Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus to turn against the Rittenhouse backed authorities.


Quick Hits:

  • Anthony may not be fully bought into Flynn’s methods, but again goes with his plans. What would Rittenhouse so with the time machine.
  • Rufus just cannot handle the older technology. He knows what he needs to do to stop the virus, but he doesn’t know how.
  • Lucy is not a big fan of 60’s era sexism, so relishes the opportunity to put one rocket scientist back in his place.
  • Normally I would have written more about how the relationship between Rufus and Anthony has changed. Rufus cannot understand how Anthony could do what he has done.
  • Rufus and Anthony became close after Anthony was almost killed during the first jump.
  • Rufus ends up killing one of the henchmen, but he feels nothing from it. Rufus is afraid of what he is becoming.
  • Katherine Johnson gets all of the credit for saving the day. Our little team are now communist spies.


And Finally…

An Agent Mulder reference for Wyatt the FBI agent. Is everyone that works at Mason Industries a science fiction fan?