Laurel Lance is back, saved by her sister, and they throw her a party. Meanwhile, Curtis is having difficulties dealing with Paul leaving him.


When Laurel starting talking about how her sister saved her on the Waverider, I knew that something was up. I had honestly forgotten about the Earth-2 version of Laurel being held in Star Labs, for some reason I thought that she had been sent back to her original universe. Sara would never risk creating a time aberration, and there was no chance that Laurel’s return that way would have been off screen.

So, the question becomes why is Prometheus doing this? Simply, to continue messing with Oliver. The flash back confirms something that we’ve always known, Oliver’s greatest weakness is Laurel. The one possession he has is her picture, not Sara’s, you know the sister he was on the yacht with when it sunk.

This fondness for Laurel plays into Oliver’s sudden interest in saving Black Siren’s soul. Felicity is right, Oliver wants to save this Laurel for his own redemption after the death of his Black Canary. There is a certain symbolism in the destruction of the Black Canary’s statue. Her legacy isn’t tied to Laurel Lance, but to a hero willing to sacrifice themselves for the city.

Moving on quickly, I would like to say that Felicity is brilliant in this episode. She isn’t convinced about Earth-2 Laurel from their first meeting. She’s sneaky, first in getting the DNA sample, but also in letting Black Siren escape. And that punch. It may have hurt, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was very satisfying.

When we first met Curtis, he was your typical genius nerd, so it isn’t that surprising that he has been somewhat victimised since becoming Mr Terrific. It isn’t surprising that he has lost his confidence after his husband left him. It is really interesting that it is Rene that is there to help Curtis out of his funk, by pointing out that Curtis should concentrate on what he is good at. Is Wild Dog becoming a team player?


Quick Hits:

  • John is back in prison, but at Iron Heights rather than at a military prison.
  • What would a DA know about a military tribunal? And why would he take the case?
  • As great as Felicity is, she still cannot lie.
  • Black Siren isn’t the most reliable witness, but I’m guessing that on Earth-2 Oliver died on the yacht, along with Sara.
  • I didn’t realise that Felicity knew bad words. Even after a hesitation.
  • Black Siren says that the good Laurel was never there. Now that she in the custody of ARGUS, will be see another try at redemption?
  • Curtis was always better at Tech Support.
  • In the Flashback Oliver is saved by Talia Al Ghul. I wonder what she wants from him.


And Finally…

They are off to find new Black Canary, and there’s this girl in Hub City with a sonic scream. Guess where we going next?