A young George Lucas decides that he no longer wants to work in films, and it is up to the Legends to get him back on track.


This is an example of an episode which could easily not work if you are not bought in fully to the series. Legends of Tomorrow is to me the crazy uncle of the Arrowverse, and so the idea that they are trying to ensure that both Star Wars and Indiana Jones are made sense. Now, if this was most other shows…

The funny thing is that this crisis isn’t one perpetrated by the newly named Legion of Doom, but a consequence of the Legends messing up their attempt at getting Rip back. Actually, this is par for the course for the Legends, but moving on quickly. So they’re off fixing their own problems again.

Talking of the Legion of Doom, (I like the name by the way) am I the only one who thinks that Malcolm and Darhk together is just pure unadulterated pig product? The chemistry between the pair is infectious, and it adds a whole new level of campiness to a series that shouldn’t take itself too seriously.

This is all about setting up for the second half of the season, which looks like it is going to be a mixture of rescuing Rip and getting all of the pieces of The Spear of Destiny. The Legends have the compass and The Legion have Not-Rip and his imperfect memories, so it is a race.

In other news, it seems like Mick has got to the bottom of his Snart visions. There was a little bit of misdirection with the chip in his brain left by the time masters. Ultimately though, it was a manifestation of Rory’s own uncertainly about staying with the team. This has been ongoing throughout this season, and maybe Rory is now going to resolve things.


Quick Hits:

  • Rip had a piece of the spear on board the Waverider. Touching the time drive is probably a very bad thing.
  • Note that Rory is afraid of Giant Toads. Will be useful later.
  • Not-Rip doesn’t remember anything specific, but seems to have some memories buried deep down. I bet it isn’t something that can easily be fixed.
  • For two men who were big in the League of Assassins, it is surprising how bad a shot both Merlyn and Darhk are with their laser guns.
  • Note that Mick doesn’t do feelings.
  • So if not for George Lucas Ray would be a brain surgeon and Nate a yoga instructor.
  • I know quite a few people who would be very happy if George Lucas had never made a film.
  • And why didn’t they warn him about the Star Wars Prequels…
  • “I really want to direct.” Not quite as over the top as a certain “Nooooooooooo”.
  • Prophecy is far better than a promise, but Sara shouldn’t beat herself up about what happened.


And Finally…

The episode ends with George’s films all being back in the main timeline. Howard the Duck is still awful.