Barry is having nightmares reliving Iris’ death at the hands of Savitar, and Wally comes into his own as Kid Flash.


This episode is all about the fallout from Barry’s flash forward. As per normal, when Barry has something on his mind he becomes a bit of an arse. However, unlike certain other Arrowverse characters (hello Oliver) he quickly decides to tell Iris, and then the others at Star Labs.

Barry knows that even now everything is pointing to the future that he is trying to avoid. So, he needs their help in changing things so that Iris isn’t killed in May. He is going to do anything that he can to protect her, even if it means that the odd criminal escapes.

I do have one issue with the whole future being fixed business. We know that the future newspaper article was originally written by Iris. We know that this has been changed by Savitar killing Iris in four months time.  Therefore, the future can be changed and can, in theory, be changed back. All that matters are the degree that you change things.

Oh, and not telling Joe. That is going to haunt them later on.

One of the nuggets we get in the news report is that Killer Frost is still at large. This doesn’t look good for Caitlin who is still desperate to find a cure for her meta-human abilities. She even turns to the broken Julian, who simply cannot help her.

I like the idea of Julian joining Team Flash. Caitlin was a little out of hand offering him a place without talking to anyone else about it, but who is going to argue with her about it. I don’t think that he will be a long term addition, as I have a sneaking suspicion that Savitar isn’t done with him yet.

The interactions between Cisco and HR were alright. We already know that HR isn’t the genius that he pretended to be, but it was nice that Cisco helped him get the museum off the group. Even though we know that Star Labs is closing in four months. Oh, and that woman who jumped into our Earth looking for HR… It’s never good.

Quick Hits:

  • So Wally is now going to be on missions with Barry, and we thought that Joe was overprotective.
  • If this whole hero thing doesn’t work out for them it is good to see that Caitlin and Cisco have a future as a barista and a hologram.
  • Julian and Caitlin are in the same boat. Both are afraid of what they did, and don’t really know what to do next.
  • We already have our first change with HR bringing a gun to the fight with Savitar. But why didn’t he shoot it?
  • Kid Flash got to get two captures for the price of one, and he really seems to be enjoying himself.
  • Caitlin’s bracelets are upgraded to a snowflake pendant. But when did Julian work with Cisco on making them?


And Finally…

Plunder got himself plundered by Barry. At least we got to tick that future box off right away.