Kara and Mon-El go looking for a missing girl. Meanwhile, Winn is having problems with being in the field after he almost gets himself killed.


This is an episode of getting characters out of their comfort zone. Kara and Mon-El are without their powers after being transported to a planet with a red sun. Alex is so used to having her sister as her first priority, being happy is outside her comfort zone. As for Winn, he’s used to sitting in front of a computer that he has problems with being in the field, especially after his first experience went wrong.

But let’s start with Kara and Mon-El. I always describe Supergirl as a series about fluffy clouds, unicorns and rainbows. This is because of Kara’s relentless enthusiasm and optimism which is simply infectious. Even without her powers, she is led by her heart and will figure things out when she needs to.

This contrasts to Mon-El, whose heart really isn’t in this helping people business if he doesn’t have his powers. He risks himself to help Supergirl a few times in this episode, and maybe he realises that being a superhero is as much about having the right motivations as well as having powers. The whole don’t harm him moment though has got me waiting and seeing.

I think that it is slightly unfair that Maggie questions if Alex is ready for a relationship. This being happy about yourself is still all new to Alex, and it was great to see her relaxed, and strutting around the DEO base. It was wrong for her to immediately dismiss Maggie at the first sign of trouble though. Alex has to learn to worry less about her sister and more for the other people in her life. It now helps that Maggie knows Supergirl’s identity.

Finally, we have Winn. His reaction to almost getting himself killed was very real. Someone pointing a gun at a defenceless main character is something that happens regularly on television and the normal reaction is to just shrug it off. If it was to happen to you or me though, we’d be traumatised.

Winn doesn’t have Supergirl’s powers, Alex’s training, or even James’ confidence. He is as close to an ordinary person that we are going to get on this show. So, his fear of being on the mission is justifiable. Was this rushed? Yes. I’m hoping though that we are now going to see him train to become a proper agent.


Quick Hits:

  • Kevin Smith who directed this episode, wrote a script for a never made Superman movie “Superman Lives”. The title of this episode is a play on that.
  • Supergirl vs Rocket launcher. Was it going to end up any other way?
  • Kara and Mon-El may make a good couple, but they are terrible liars. You also had two people who can’t get injected going for a blood test. Not well thought out.
  • This week in subtle plot. Martians and toxic air. Why not have Jonn off somewhere else?
  • Winn cannot be a red shirt. He gets too many lines.
  • The security for that cell wasn’t that good, especially when the two guards were overpowered. Have they ever heard of cameras?
  • It was nice to see the DEO turn up almost on time. I also think that Ale had a new favourite toy.
  • Snapper is playing Kara like a fiddle. He knows that she can only be a good reporter if she follows her heart, or in his day gut.


And Finally…

With Guardian and now Mon-El wanting to be a hero, are we in range yet of having #TeamSupergirl?