Team Flynn damage the lifeboat and strand Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus in 1754. Mason and Jiya try and decipher a message left by Rufus in the past.


I knew that we were going to be in a different type of episode when we didn’t get the normal this is what happened in history cold open. Team Excellent Adventure are the main focus of the series, but it was nice getting a little bit of depth to those characters that don’t time jump on a weekly basis.

Jiya has done very little so far. We know that Rufus likes her and asked her out on a date, which didn’t go that well. It was good to find out that she cares for Rufus, and that she got to do something in the episode. Getting the whole Star Wars reference was great as well.

And now for the science bit. I know that they went for the tractor beam analogy, which makes more sense for the average viewer. However, I would have gone with the interdictor cruiser example instead. Pull them out at the right place and time. Oh, but that’s Expanded Universe, so it is no longer canon. Damn you Disney!

As for Mason and Agent Christopher. It seems that Conor Mason has made a boo boo, and that Agent Christopher is suspicious of him. Why is Rittenhouse man phoning Mason anyway? Especially when you know that he spends his time while Lucy is on a mission with people from Homeland Security around him. How long until Agent Christopher finds out about Rittenhouse?

As for our little merry group of happy travellers.

My first note on the episode was that there was still quite a bit of tension between the three, but I was wrong. The tension is between Lucy and Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t understand why Lucy is all about saving her sister whist telling him that he cannot use the time machine to save his wife. By the end of the episode all is well, mainly down to Rufus, some talking and some Chocodiles.

I really want to take Wyatt aside and tell him that there is a subtle difference between Lucy and his goals. His wife, Jessica, was murdered in the main timeline, whilst Amy is a victim of the timeline being changed by Flynn. Lucy wants to put the timeline back to how it was, Wyatt wants to change things even more. Now, if he goes back and finds out who killed his wife (and we will be going there), let’s talk.


Quick Hits:

  • I thought that they weren’t meant to kill anyone from the timeline that they travel to. Not a peep from Lucy when Wyatt kills at the beginning of the episode.
  • I like the idea that the emergency protocol is a message in a bottle. Very simple idea, until someone breaks the bottle.
  • It was funny the first couple of times, but Lucy going with Dr Quinn Medicine Woman was really weak.
  • At least Lucy can speak French. And Rufus is surprisingly good at blacksmithing considering he never did it before.
  • Lucy really should have told Wyatt where that Mercury was going.
  • That wave from Rufus to Jiya when he came out of the lifeboat. Totally something I would do.
  • Lucy admits that Flynn’s journal may have come from her. But until we know the circumstances we can’t really say if that is a good thing or not. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.


And Finally…

How many science fiction clichés can you fit into one episode? The flux capacitor, Star Wars and Star Trek fans living together in harmony, and two attempts needed to get the lifeboat going. All that was missing was Rufus hitting the console to get it to work.