In this episode, Harley Quinn goes looking for a baby, while Helena tries out motherhood.


Four episodes in and this isn’t the series that I was expecting. Yes, it is pure unfiltered cheese, but I thought that all three birds would be more equal, but it seems to be all about Helena all of the time.

Anyway, Helena is all about the motherhood in this episode. At the beginning of the episode she is literally left holding the baby. She says that she doesn’t like children, but it doesn’t take long for her to connect with Guy.

I am starting to get confused about Helena’s upbringing as it is heavily implied that Alfred was around when she was growing up. I thought that she didn’t know who her father was until after her mother’s death. I could be wrong, but I was confused.

The person that Huntress turns to when looking for teenage Guy is Detective Reese. Their roles seem be reversed, with Reese looking to connect with Helena who is still upset with being thought of as a thing. But she still came to ask for his help. Junior seems capable of starting a riot all by himself, all in the saving of Dinah who is the worst babysitter ever.

What makes Helena a good parental figure for Guy is that in many ways they are similar characters. She could be easily consumed by anger, and could go over the line into becoming “a bad guy”. The difference between her and the people she captures is that she won’t kill (which is ironic considering what she wanted Batman to do).

She teaches Guy that he can deal with his demons, because she deals with those same demons every day. Guy’s rejection of his programming is because his “mother” has taught him that he has a choice. So no murderous rampage. Did I mention that the pair of them made a pretty good team? Take notes Dinah.

One last thing, I liked how Harley was completely nuts for the whole episode. The whole thing about the baby being Mister J’s and hers. It gave me visions that I just won’t get out of my mind. Green eyes, and green hair indeed. Harley Quinn is at her best when she is completely unhinged, and talking about her puddin’.

I really hope she says puddin’.


Quick Hits:

  • Scanner and Knife, I didn’t realise that she was a girl scout.
  • Men should always know that they can never win.
  • Don’t say it’s a trap, when you already know that it was always going to be a trap.
  • Both mommies are proud when he saved the birds. One for the rescue, one for the killing.
  • Straight from teenage, to middle age, to old age in double quick time. Was it really three days?
  • It isn’t friendship that was greater than science. It was love. Always love.
  • For once, it is Reese that finds Huntress.
  • Barbara has a bad feeling. Harley is onto them.


And Finally…

As wise old Alfred says, “I’m a butler not a nanny.”