In this episode, there is a serial killer murdering meta-humans in New Gotham. Meanwhile, Reese gets himself a new partner.


I’ve been finding it strange that Helena is a half meta-human. I’m guessing that she gets it from her mother’s side. But can there really be such a thing? There has been nothing to say that it is genetically passed on, in fact Oracle does state in the pilot that there is no explanation for it. So, isn’t it a meta or non-meta?

There is a whole thing here about what it is like to be a meta-human. Helena is bored and wants to feel what it is like to have a normal life. Possibly even go on a date, with a certain detective. The moment though that her kind are in danger, she gets over being like other girls.

On the other hand, Morton is trying to turn Reese against meta-humans. He describes them as creatures, and criminals standing above the law. The important thing about meta-humans is that second part, humans. Like non-metas, some are good, some are bad and the majority just want to get on with their lives.

There is something rather crappy about Morton’s ability though. The whole copy other abilities would be fun, but the headaches would probably have made me just as insane as he was. I would take photographic senses over that everytime.

Dinah is the opposite, not wanting to have to live a normal life. In her first day at school she gets herself a nick name of “zipper girl”, and feels like everyone is watching her. She’s the new girl in school, what did she expect to happen to her? It isn’t to her about being with her own kind, but to escape and feel special.

I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Barbara meet Wade’s parents. I’m certain that she wouldn’t have just taken the criticism, and it would have been interesting to see Wade’s reaction. Did he defend Barbara? What did he say to her afterwards? It just feels strange that it all happened off screen, and what was the point of it?


Quick Hits:

  • Helena, my dear, you have no problems finding sexy clothes.
  • There is no overlap in powers within meta-humans. So, no need to worry about fireballs or freezing things then.
  • Batman by this stage has become a legend which no one believes.
  • Barbara is the type of woman who always needs a plan.
  • There must be some trust there, as Reese didn’t shoot the Huntress after she attacked his partner.
  • So of course he gets shot.
  • Morton kills himself after getting overloaded on metas.
  • You didn’t know that New Gotham had accessible roofs.
  • Its Huntress’ turn to not trust. Reese going from who are you to what are you?
  • But Reese knew that Huntress wouldn’t have killed. Beaten Morton to a pulp, yes, but she isn’t a killer.


And Finally…

Dinah needs to learn to be sneakier. Every time she goes off to the meta pub she gets caught.