The Birds of Prey are after a meta-human who is killing cops. Huntress gets an opportunity to team up with Detective Reese, and Barbara goes on a date.


If Helena doesn’t trust anyone, and relies on no one but herself, what about Barbara? Just putting that out there. Now, if it was about not being able to trust someone new, this would work. However, setting Helena up as some sort of loner doesn’t really work.

There is a point in trust being earned, in Helena’s line of work you cannot be too careful, but it has to be a two way street. Helena doesn’t trust Dinah, but why would she expect to be automatically trusted by Detective Reese? That contrast is stark by the end of the episode as Helena has made the leap and Reese hasn’t.

For you to make that act of faith to begin believing in someone there has to be a reason for it. Dinah is in the same place that Helena was after her mother’s murder, and she has Barbara fighting in her corner. This gives her a reason to trust the teenager, especially after the save during the truck fight. You could argue the same for Huntress protecting Reese, but there is no connection there.


We also learn a little about the strain between Helena and her father. All she wants from him is his help in finding her mother’s murderer and for the culprit to be killed. She doesn’t want love nor acceptance, but revenge. The Batman doesn’t kill though, and she rejects him.

We also get to know a little bit more about Dinah here. She was abandoned by her family at six, presumably because of her abilities. She was expected to keep her powers secret, but can’t anymore so has left home. She wants to be somewhere she can be accepted for who she is.

I laughed when Dinah first confided in Alfred. If there is an inescapable truth in the DC universe, it is that everyone confides in Alfred.


Quick Hits:

  • Barbara mentioned that Dinah is a bad liar. Gourmet Baking emergencies. Really!
  • So the Delphi Protocol is there to flag up any cases that could me meta-human related.
  • I like the hands free wheelchair, and the hints that Barbara could walk again.
  • Give Barbara credit for at least trying to ignore the alert while out on a date.
  • Supervillains don’t have jobs, but hobbies. Which are also useful if they ever need to apply for a loan.
  • Detective Reese didn’t even get singed when Huntress boiled Slick. Nice shooting.
  • So Helena likes Reese, and Barbara makes it up with Wade. Was there a cake involved?
  • You know that Helena’s sessions with Harley are going to be trouble. Right?


And Finally…

Sweet Mister J! So it appears that Joker is in prison well away from New Gotham. Leaving poor little Harley to be a criminal mastermind on her own.