Seven years after the capture of the Joker, Dinah Lance arrives in New Gotham hoping to start a new life. Meanwhile, the Huntress and Oracle are fighting crime in the absence of Batman.


My youngest sister for Christmas bought me the downloadable version of Birds of Prey. Isn’t she nice? Loosely based on the comic of the same name, it tells the story of a female crime fighting trio in Gotham City. Lasting only thirteen episodes, it isn’t a classic, but was the first live-action television series based on the Batman corner of the DC universe since the 1960’s Batman.

I’ve heard of the series, but have never watched it before as it was never shown here in the UK. I’m not expecting much, but let us have a look at our three central characters.

Let’s start with our glorious leader Barbara Gordon. Her backstory hasn’t changed that much. She was Batgirl, and was there when Batman took down The Joker. However, Joker escaped for a few hours and he ordered the death of Helena’s mother while he shot Barbara leaving her in a wheelchair. Barbara has taken on the identity of Oracle, and does the technology stuff.

Helena Kyle is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, and was with her mother when she was murdered. She knows that Bruce Wayne is her father, but doesn’t want anything to do with him. Instead Barbara became her legal guardian. She is a meta-human, with agility abilities and anger issues. Helena goes by the name of Huntress, and she patrols the city.

Dinah Lance isn’t from New Gotham, but had visions of the attacks on both Catwoman and Batgirl. She is a meta-human with psychic abilities, but she still needs to work on becoming a hero.

This episode is all about bringing the team together. Yes, Barbara and Helena were already a partnership, but barely working. Barbara was trying to still be Batgirl through Helena. While, Helena still felt that she should have saved her mother and wasn’t sure if she could be a hero.

Dinah wasn’t just there to become part of the team, but to also teach the other two that the only way of saving themselves was through protecting each other.


Quick Hits:

  • How quaint it was seeing Barbara with a pager. I owned one once.
  • Welcome to New Gotham, death around every corner and still dangerous at night.
  • What is it with secret lairs and them being found in double quick time?
  • Dinah has no place to go back to. How did that happen?
  • Alfred in his spare time, looks after Barbara. Bruce Wayne seems to have left Gotham some time ago.
  • Helena’s Psychiatrist is Harleen Quinzel or Harley for short. Wonder who that is?
  • Joker’s revenge was to try and break Batman. Seems to have worked.
  • Looks like the Harley Quinn we all know and love. Seems to be the big bad for the series.


And Finally…

The CGI buildings look really, really, bad. In fact, most of the visuals were weird, as if they were based on the Batman and Robin film.