Baird betrays the Library, as DOSA gets in and starts stealing all of the artefacts. Meanwhile, Cassandra, Stone and Jones are off to catch a dream.


This episode is all about deception. Eve deceiving everyone with her non heal turn, Flynn deceiving her about sacrificing himself, and team newbie being sent on two wild goose chases.

I’m a little disappointed that Baird’s dalliance with DOSA was a ruse to get Apep into the library. I did get to shout “It’s a trap” at my TV when she admits to her meetings with General Rockwell, which was nice. However, finding out that it part of a plan that Flynn and her had put together. Bah!

I liked the idea of Baird temporarily working with DOSA after convincing herself that she is doing it in the best interests of the library\librarians, and then being talked out of it by Jenkins or Flynn. However, I sometimes forget that this show likes to hint at one thing and then go somewhere else. Which brings me to…

Throughout this episode they were laying it on pretty thick that Flynn’s time was up and that he was going to sacrifice himself to use the eye of Ra to defeat Apep. That made me very suspicious, and I wasn’t surprised that the newbies were able to use the magic they picked up this season to save the day.

I’ve got two things that I want to bring up about this. Firstly, shouldn’t the fact that they made Apep human and then proceeded to kill him thirty seconds later be disconcerting? I’m not saying that there should have been an agonising decision, but some acknowledgement of what they did would have been nice. Secondly, I felt sorry for Jones. Cassandra uses her mathemagic, Stone uses the gift from the Monkey King, and all he has is a vial of love potion.

It’s not that I’m done with The Librarians, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there isn’t a fourth season. Evil has been destroyed and the lay lines are closed again. A quick question, if the lay lines are closed, does that mean that magic is no longer out in the world?

There were numerous call backs to previous parts of the franchise, and all of the important beats were touched upon. We had Flynn’s reluctance to play with others, team newbie work best together, no magic, and Jenkins making the tea.

Where would they go next, and what would be the threat?


Quick Hits:

  • Turning Jenkins to stone is not a good thing Eve.
  • Where exactly was Excalibur when DOSA turned up?
  • Jenkins reminds Baird that the guardian’s job is to save the soul of her librarian. If they had done this right, it could have been the beginning of turning her back.
  • The DOSA’s library, doesn’t look anything like a certain warehouse. Honest! Especially the alternative version.
  • I liked the concept of the librarian proof cell. They just had to be as dumb as the rest of us.
  • I also liked those scenes of Flynn stealing back the artefacts, and then using them as breadcrumbs.
  • Have we seen the library’s tree symbol outside of the films before? All pointing back to the beginning, with us also seeing Judson.


And Finally…

As the library is of infinite size, how exactly were DOSA going to steal everything by twenty three hundred hours?