In this episode, Ed and Al are still struggling with what happened to the Tuckers when they are attacked by Scar.


Ed is coming to the realisation that there is limit to what Alchemy can achieve. He couldn’t bring his mother back to life, and now there is nothing that he can do for his friends Nina and Alexander. Their murder, brings him and his brother to the brink of despair. Their physical wellbeing, and lack thereof, at the end of the episode matches perfectly their mental state at the beginning. Falling apart, but still alive.

Ed maybe the elder brother, feeling responsible for his younger sibling. But Al is also a rock for his brother. His determination on getting their bodies back no matter the cost is refreshing. Ed is also slapped around figuratively as well as physically for not running away. For the boys, survival is the only way, and that brightens up the older brother, who is now looking forward to seeing his mechanic.

State Alchemists were used as human weapons to end the Ishvalan Civil War, and even from the few frames we see in this episode they were devastating. That is Mustang’s back we see, so we know that he took part in the conflict. The Ishvalans were almost exterminated at the end, and the Colonel admits that there is justification for Scar’s revenge.

Scar thinks that he is an agent of god destroying those who are abominations in the sight of god. It is interesting that in the previous episode Major Armstrong mentions that alchemists were there to help the people, and state alchemists have moved away from that. You will also notice that Scar would only kill Al if he tried to interfere.

Transmutation is completed in three steps; Comprehension, Deconstruction, and Reconstruction. Scar stops at the second of these steps. The other characters believe that Scar must be an alchemist himself because of this. However, he only seems to destroy things with his right hand.


Quick Hits:

  • So a false Father Cornello is in Liore, and has whipped people into rioting.
  • Hello Envy, and Gluttony gets to eat again.
  • First mention of Fullmetal being an important sacrifice.
  • Mustang needs to remember that he is useless when wet.
  • I find it hypnotic when Scar dances away from Hawkeye’s shoots.
  • Alex-Louis Armstrong to the rescue!
  • Where did his coat go?
  • Maes Hughes is a smart one, hiding until the fighting stops.
  • Al’s secret is out to most of the military officers. I don’t think it will get out.
  • So we are going home to visit Ed’s mechanic. Hello Winry.


And Finally…

Oh great! And now my arm’s come off, because my brother is a big fat idiot. Al is so great when he loses his temper.