In this episode, team excellent adventure are off to stop Flynn from getting his hands on the missing eighteen and a half minutes from the Watergate Tapes. Meanwhile Lucy goes off to meet her father.


It must be tough being Wyatt, last episode Lucy and Rufus are all about how they trust him and this week he realises that both of them have been keeping things from the poor little grunt. The good news is that there are no more secrets, but it may have temporarily ruined (you know that they will get back together) the team.

This episode is all about getting everything that we know about Rittenhouse out in the open. Everyone now knows that Rufus is recording everything during the missions, and that Lucy has been having private conversations with Flynn. They also know from the lips of President Nixon that Rittenhouse is a thing, and that Flynn is being guided by a notebook written by Lucy.

We also get a few more nuggets of information about Rittenhouse. Firstly, it was founded in 1778, during the American Revolutionary War. So Flynn is right when saying that America and Rittenhouse are so intertwined. Can anyone else guess where we will be going to at some time?

Also, it seems that membership of Rittenhouse is heredity, as you are born into the group. Poor Lucy, considering that her father is the contact to Mason and Rufus.

The most interesting storyline from the episode are the conversations between Wyatt and Flynn. Both are motivated by the same thing, saving their families. Future Lucy’s analysis of her team mate is correct, he is still obsessed with his wife’s murder. His pin wall kind of gives it away. Would it be surprising if Rittenhouse was somehow connected to his wife’s death? Or Flynn?

The strange thing is that the only person who has told Wyatt the truth is Flynn, the one man that he cannot believe. Trust has broken down completely between the members of team excellent adventure, and now Wyatt is the man with the plan. Rufus, who is barely a single agent, is to double up and they need to find out everything they can about Rittenhouse.


Quick Hits:

  • The whole stop Flynn from stealing the tape is a red-herring as Flynn has already got it.
  • It’s strange that Lucy’s journal doesn’t state exactly what happens on each mission. Does future Lucy really trust Flynn?
  • For once, Lucy is the one standing outside failing miserably at blending in while Rufus shows off his knowledge of history.
  • I did think that the way they used Doc was a little off. I didn’t think that it was going to be a person.
  • Another historian, but one who knows who all the members of Rittenhouse are. Couldn’t Lucy have gotten a list of names.
  • One general point, if one of the rules of time travel is that you cannot change anything that has already happened, why is Flynn doing what he is doing? Why go back to change things, if they cannot be changed? Just wondering.
  • Of course Wyatt is handcuffed rather than tied up. Makes it easier for him to use a nail to escape.
  • Rufus may not be that good at being a single agent, but Lucy isn’t really that good in the rescue department.


And Finally…

I can understand why Rufus’ brother hasn’t left his room after missing the game winning shot in his basketball game. Everyone appears to know about it. Maybe, it was on Sports Centre.