In this episode, team excellent adventure heads off to the Alamo to write a letter. Wyatt is told that his services are no longer required.


Up until this point Wyatt has been the least defined of the three main characters. Lucy has her timey wimey things to deal with, Rufus is the conduit for the Rittenhouse storyline, but on an episode to episode basis what about Wyatt?

We do get a bit more background here, and for once Wyatt gets to be a character rather than a military dunderhead.

At the beginning of the episode it seems that Wyatt is being pushed out the door because he has so far failed miserably in his efforts to kill Garcia Flynn. There was no way this was going to happen, but Wyatt’s attitude of “Actually the new guy is pretty good. I’m outta here” was certainly different. He is all about the job.

I liked the parallels between what was going on at the Alamo and Wyatt’s previous mission. His visions and personal struggle arrive naturally as Wyatt becomes more involved with everything that is going on around him. When he tells Bowie what is going to happen, it is because he doesn’t want to leave behind another massacre not from a want of changing history.

Lucy and Rufus standing up for Wyatt at the end of the episode was nice. However, it just seemed contrived and really where they going to do anything else? I did like it though when Wyatt talked to his ex-replacement. He now has a new team.


Quick Hits:

  • Rufus is really freaked out by the visitation that he had previously from Rittenhouse. It shouldn’t have happened.
  • If the Alamo is so well surrounded by Mexicans, how did team excellent adventure walk there so easily.
  • If Garcia’s plan is to stop that letter from ever being written, it makes sense that there are no survivors. Especially if you know that there is going to be a team arriving to try and stop you.
  • It was good though that Garcia was only in three scenes in the episode. Until we have to get more details, I like the idea of Flynn just setting things in motion, and then running away.
  • Davy Crockett was great. I loved his interactions with Rufus.
  • It was pretty fortunate that Wyatt brought those grenades wasn’t it.
  • I know that I should be interested in Lucy’s search for her father, but I’m not. Unless the name she is given by her mother is someone really important, I’m out.


And Finally…

Sometimes people need a leader that has wrestled a bear with one arm.