In this episode, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are in Nazi Germany where Flynn is giving the Germans the atomic bomb. They also get shaken but not stirred.


A stray observation to begin with. I felt that for the first time things clicked in this episode. I finally thought that they were having fun.

This week’s two questions are, what makes a spy, and what are they fighting for?

It is all about the mission, and for Wyatt who has trained for this, he has already gone through the “hump”. However, both Lucy and Rufus get to meet theirs in this episode. The fact that they also get to work with Ian Fleming, puts this whole spy business front and center.

Lucy has been struggling since she lost her sister and gained a fiancée. She’s a historian, not a time cop, and has been out of her comfort zone since the beginning. In this visit to Germany she’s become a nervous wreck, visibly shaking at times. From talking to Wyatt she learns that in the times where she struggles she needs to think about why she is here. Of course, that reason would be her sister and correcting the timeline.

I don’t yet see the point of the audio recordings that Rufus have been making. Does Rittenhouse suspect Lucy and Wyatt? Anyway, Rufus has never been comfortable with this, and as he trusts his two companions, he wants to stop. He knows that if either of the others finds out what he is doing it will wreck the team. He simply tells mason that he is stopping.

The contrast on how the episode ends for both Rufus and Lucy is also worth noting. Lucy has taken charge, demanding what the cost is for her help. Meanwhile, Rufus thinks that he has walked away, but the reality is shown to him when he encounters a Rittenhouse agent.

What makes this episode fun are the interactions with Ian Fleming. He may not have the gadgets, but he is his fictional character. The chat between Von Braun and Rufus did make me think of the Tom Lehrer song (look it up) especially the line about not caring where the rockets go down. Again, reminding you that it is all about being singularly focused on the mission at hand.


Quick Hits:

  • We again get the this is how it originally happened bit at the beginning of the episode.
  • They have now got their own special wardrobe store. Buckle in for the long ride people.
  • So will killing those two German soldiers change anything?
  • So the symbol on the stained glass window was their escape at the end of the episode. I was hoping for something bigger.
  • I suppose a secret passage isn’t too bad. Sorry priest hole.
  • We can always do with another Connery Bond movie.
  • Don’t like the name “Weapon of Choice” though.
  • So the nuke is a red herring as it is a power supply for the mothership. Which is good, as Flynn no longer has a base in the present.
  • Does this mean that Flynn and Anthony are always on the move timewise?


And Finally…

On finding out the Wyatt and Lucy’s surnames are Logan and Preston. Excellent!