In this episode, the team head off to Las Vegas in the sixties to stop Flynn from stealing the core of an atomic bomb. They also get an opportunity to listen to the Rat Pack.


The whole meeting up with JFK’s mistress and having a ball in Las Vegas is a distraction from the main goal of this episode. Today, we are going to have a conversation about the overall arc of the series.

We now know Flynn’s goal. Destroy Rittenhouse. You know, that shadowy organisation which seems to be sitting behind Mason Industries pulling all of the strings. In the most unsubtle of ways, we are being asked if our merry little band of time travellers are working for the good guys? As Rufus states, the why is the most important question, but funnily he knows more than Lucy and Wyatt.

It is also telling that Anthony is a somewhat reluctant ally to Flynn. He did help Flynn and his team steal the main time machine in the first place, but he seems to be compelled by something else. He’s not antagonistic towards Rufus when they meet. Actually it’s the opposite as he warns his friend. Rufus reciprocates when he stops Wyatt from shooting Anthony.

When Anthony mentions that he has sacrificed his family, Flynn puts it that it wasn’t as if he didn’t himself. It is as if Flynn is in as difficult a position as Anthony. We know that Flynn has a book of Lucy’s notes, but is there something in the background pulling his strings? An opposite of Rittenhouse.

We also get a few more details about the death of Wyatt’s wife. It seems that she went missing after not going home with Wyatt on a night out. I liked that Wyatt tried going all Back to the Future in sending a message to her, but not surprised that it didn’t work.

I shouldn’t just dismiss the whole journey to Las Vegas, as there is something to take from meeting Judith Campbell. That our protagonists shouldn’t be looking to go back to their old lives, rather than living what is approaching them. Until she met JFK Judith felt that she was nothing, but if she went back to it, she would always regret not seeing the unknown.


Quick Hits:

  • It just seems so strange to me to see all these people celebrating the atomic testing. It was really like that though.
  • If this whole changing history thing doesn’t work for Garcia Flynn he can always become a private eye.
  • Is there anyone that Judith is not having relations with?
  • Why are you shooting at people who have stolen an atomic core? I can see that going very wrong very quickly.
  • So they buried the atomic core, so that they could retrieve it in the present. Flynn isn’t as dumb as he looks.
  • They can also track the stolen time machine in the present. Fifty mile radius is still a large amount of land.
  • The creepy boyfriend is called Noah, and he is understanding when Lucy decides to move back in with her mother temporarily.


And Finally…

In the sixties Rufus has a superpower. Invisibility. Especially if he is wearing a uniform.