Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are off to ensure that Abraham Lincoln is the only one assassinated. Meanwhile, Rufus learns what it feels like to be a soldier.


Would you change history, to what you thought would be for the better, if given the opportunity? That’s the bigger question, when Rufus and Wyatt talk to Lucy about stopping the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. They have the ability to change the timeline, and those of us in the present wouldn’t be any wiser. Unfortunately, the idea was left hanging, as it became about stopping the other possible murders.

About half way through the episode, I had this terrible idea. What would happen if Garcia Flynn stopped Abraham Lincoln’s death, and Lucy ended up killing him to keep the timeline safe? They would never go there, especially in the second episode, but I would think that it would have been more interesting than what we got.

So, Garcia Flynn killed Lincoln and Lucy was able to save General Grant. Minor ripples in the timeline this time. However, I have a question. If Flynn’s notebook is from a future Lucy, does it keep a record of each encounter? If so, is Flynn playing to a script and causing subtle changes to the timeline so that Lucy eventually turns to his side?

Again, I’m well and truly over thinking this.

Anyway, there are two related conflicts in this episode that needs noting. Firstly, going back to the original timeline against using the time machine to save Wyatt’s wife. Lucy thinks that history is meant to be, and that nothing should be changed because we can never know the consequences. Fits in with the theme of the episode of not saving Lincoln, but restoring her sister to the timeline would involve what exactly?

Secondly, we get to understand the consequences from the Hindenburg incident. Lucy has a new father, who was a descendent from a person who now didn’t die on the Hindenburg. So, daddy didn’t have two daughters, but that’s fine, Lucy isn’t daddy’s baby.

Lucy wouldn’t exist now otherwise. Which is good, and I must applaud the writers for thinking this through, but do we need the family drama? I’m starting to wonder exactly what sort of show I’m letting myself into.


Quick Hits:

  • Are we going to get an enactment of what should happen at the beginning of every episode?
  • Lucy is having problems with the new timeline.
  • Rufus knows about Rittenhouse.
  • The scene of Rufus making the notices for the soldiers was quite touching. Being spotted immediately as a fake, not so much.
  • Rufus is correct when he says that they are protecting white guy’s history.
  • So Flynn is trying to save America. Would he have said anything else?
  • Being scared is fine. I’d be worried if you weren’t, Rufus.
  • The old water on the general trick never works.
  • Rufus is able to save the day, and the other soldiers recognise him as a soldier now.
  • At least Lucy got a school named after her.
  • Lucy is late for her own engagement party, and the boyfriend looks dodgy.


And Finally…

Really, loads of paper still flying around on every launch. Paper weights are nice, but do you really need so much paper?