Stone is training in Shangri-La when it is attacked and the staff of Shangri-La is taken from the Monkey King. Meanwhile, Eve meets an old mentor.


Sometimes it is easy to go really negative with the Librarian’s, especially when they produce an episode that is as much of a mess as this one is. There are three storylines all of which feel flat. They need the characters to be in a certain place for the finale and they only have one episode to get there. It is simply rushed.

I’m not demanding a Babylon 5 level of arc management. I appreciate that this is a more standalone show. However, some foreshadowing would have been nice, especially in regards to one character which I’ll get to in a few paragraphs.

When the episode started I expected that I would be writing quite a bit about Stone. He has always been at the forefront of not using magic, and yet, as a reward of saving Shangri-La the staff has given him an unknown magical ability. It’s an interesting development for a character who has yet to learn that a little magic isn’t harmful.

Flynn failed miserably in his attempt to find Charlene earlier in the season, so it was a nice little surprise finding her in Lamb’s collection. I thought that if she was going to return it would be in the finale to help save the day, but I was wrong. She comes back, simply to be permanently written out.

So Charlene went into hiding because Apep could use her to hurt the library. The only other option would be for her to sever her connection to the library. It does feel strange that the first guardian wouldn’t want to stand and fight, but maybe she just wanted to be with Judson. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain too much as I’ve pointed out in the past that there are too many characters.

This brings me to my question of the week about Baird the sleeper agent. Doesn’t a sleeper agent know that they are one before they go on their mission?

We’ve seen the director of DOSA a few times this season, but there has never been a hint of a connection to Eve Baird. Even if we were to believe that DOSA set things up so that Baird would become Flynn’s guardian, why haven’t they tried something before now? This smells of a retcon.

Couldn’t they have also come up with a better reason for turning than “How would you know if they used magic on you?”. Flynn and Baird are meant to be in a relationship, and Eve is friends with the rest. So, you better have some proof. It could only work if Baird has shown some doubts before now, but there haven’t been any so it’s simply too convenient.

But you know she’s turned temporarily. See her face when she watches Charlene’s candle go out at the end of the episode.


Quick Hits:

  • The fighting of the Monkey King is irrepressible. Almost.
  • Again another hint that Flynn isn’t surviving the finale, with his candle almost being burnt out.
  • Cassandra is back to the beginning as she is easily overpowered by her gift.
  • Did Cassandra and Jones really have a costume change in the middle of the mission?
  • The shoe is on the other foot, when we find out that the person Jenkins loves is Charlene. Sometimes things simply sucks.
  • So what exactly did Charlene whisper to Eve.


And Finally…

So people think that Jones is the cleverest of the librarians. Have they met him?