In this episode, a state alchemist is killed in Central. Meanwhile, Ed and Al visit the Sewing Life Alchemist to learn about Bio-Alchemy.


When people say to me that anime is nothing but Japanese cartoons, and they are only for children, I ask them to watch this episode. This is not child friendly, but I want to write about something else before moving onto the tragic tale of the Tuckers. Let’s look at being a state alchemist.

Fullmetal Alchemist is set in the country of Amestris, at the beginning of the 20th Century. In this world, being a state alchemist is considered a position of rare importance and you are compensated accordingly. Ed and Al can happily spend all their time looking for the Philosopher’s Stone without having to worry about their day job.

However, with this compensation comes a responsibility to the state not to the people, and these alchemists have done terrible things in the past. This has led to the nickname, “Dogs of the Military” and in some cases resentment. Scar, the killer of the Iron Blood Alchemist, is the personification of this hatred.

Then you have Shou Tucker who will do anything within his power to keep this exalted position. Even going so far as to turn his daughter and their dog into a talking Chimera. In Shou’s twisted mind he tries to argue that his and the Elric brother’s actions in saving their mother is equivalent. Ed and Al, for all that they did wrong risked only themselves, and not someone they loved or had responsibility for.

There is a part of me who accepts the sad ending of this story, with Scar murdering the Tuckers. What has happened cannot be reversed, and I’m as mad as Ed when he realises what Shou had done to his daughter. This episode shows to the brothers that there is a cost in winning progress, but they are determined to help each other get their bodies back.


Quick Hits:

  • We finally get to see the whole of Team Mustang.
  • In fact, we even get to see Maria Ross and Denny Brosh in central.
  • The Lt Yuki story is in both the original anime and the manga.
  • The Elric brothers are more interested in the library than anything else.
  • Shou Tucker reminds the boys of their own father, which helps explain why they play with Nina and Alexander.
  • For all that they have learned, there is no way to reverse what happened to Nina and Alexander.
  • “Can we play now?” breaks my heart every time.
  • Alchemists are not devils, nor gods, but human.


And Finally…

Milk > Ed and Alexander > Ed. Who would win milk or Alexander? We’ll never know.