Mason Industries have made a working time machine that is stolen. A team is assembled to stop the thief, who has gone back in time to the Hindenburg disaster.


When I saw the name Shawn Ryan, as in the creator of the shield, I was expecting something heavy. However, as the episode progressed and we got the immortal line, “Kill America in the crib”. I realised that I had to change my expectations as this show isn’t going to take itself too seriously. Think more Time Tunnel than Twelve Monkeys.

This is a story about an history professor called Lucy who has been asked to stop a criminal who has stolen a time capsule. She lives with her sister and her mother who is suffering from a rather major illness. She is teamed up with Wyatt a soldier, and Rufus who acts as their pilot. Their ship is called the lifeboat, and it is the cheap, about to fall apart version of the stolen module.

This episode does it’s best to set things up. You cannot go back in time to where you already exist, so no do overs or jumping back to the noughties. But it doesn’t explain the question as asked, why not jump back to before the new module arrives in a place and jump them?

We also know that Flynn is working to a notebook. One written by Lucy. So is she both the main protagonist and antagonist? That would be really out there and kinda cool. I get the impression though that thinking too much about this series will cause you to see all of the flaws.

Case in point, Rufus complaining that there isn’t a place in America history where a black man can go safely. The best of this episode was Rufus’ rant about how good the future is for black men, especially those called Mike. The tone of this was perfect, and the ending of Obama in 2008 was the cherry on the top. This could get very old quickly, but it was well used here.

There are consequences to the Hindenburg being destroyed during take-off rather than on landing for Lucy. The good news is that her mother is no longer suffering from an unknown illness. The bad news is that her sister, Amy, no longer exists. Oh, and she is also engaged.


Quick Hits:

  • How much larger is the original module? The lifeboat can hold three, the original a dozen.
  • See keeping the rope on the ground stopped the explosion.
  • So, Kate the reporter reminds Wyatt of his dead wife.
  • Modern underwear to the rescue. Was it a Wonderbra?
  • Frying pan to the face. Works every time.
  • So what is Rittenhouse? And why was Lucy chosen for the team?
  • Kate still dies. One of those things that had to happen.
  • Why did Flynn return to the present? Does he have his own history team, and a prison for the scientists he kidnapped earlier?
  • So why was Rufus spying on the other two for Mason?


And Finally…

Lucy Preston, any relation to Bill S Preston Esq? And Rufus…