In this episode, kill orders are sent out against the team. Trevor saves Grace who is almost assassinated in school.


So the Director isn’t a person, but an AI calculating the best way of saving humanity. The Faction was birthed at the infamous bunker 41 which thanks to time shenanigans no longer collapses. So it’s official that stopping Helios 685 made things worse. If this is true, why did the team’s abduction take place before the deflection? As we know that they cannot jump further back than the present.

Grace used old Marcy to reboot the Director after adding some extra protection to his system. During the reboot the Faction attempted to stage a coup, which involved pulling the Director into the future. As the machine wasn’t destroyed does this mean that the coup worked?

We can safely assume that any orders sent by text messages were from the Fraction. But why send a kill order against our happy little team who weren’t hindering Ellis until things started to get complicated. If their plan was to force the Director into the future, it probably would have worked without their interference. At this point my head hurts.

The cliffhanger seems to put our team in a very bad light, with the FBI turning up and catching them looking very much like a terrorist cell. Of course, the easy way out is a mass travellation. It wouldn’t be the first time they did something like that, and it is not as if the Director hasn’t taken extreme methods previously.

So ends the first season of Travelers. Overall I’ve enjoyed it and will come back when it does. I like the concept and some of the characters are interesting. Trevor is great! I would like to see more from them trying to live their lives and actually resolve some of those external conflicts. The team seems to have moved quickly away from being a cog in a conspiracy to being the central team. I’m interested in seeing where this is going.

Is this the end of the Fraction? Are our team spending the rest of their lives behind bars? Will David ever get a new tea pot? These questions and more will be answered when Travelers returns next season. Hopefully, maybe, possibly even.


Quick Hits:

  • Well at least the whole family are now travellers.
  • It feels sad thinking that David just hopes that Marcy will get her memories back.
  • Kat gets MacLaren to admit that he was having an affair.
  • David is sleeping on the couch. Officially back in the friend zone.
  • Jeff finally does something useful when he shoots the assassin. Carly runs off. Of course!
  • Jeff is also getting a taste of his own medicine. Will Carly help him?
  • Marcy finds Philip’s secret stash, and echoing earlier tells him not to take more than eight units.
  • New Marcy is somewhat more focused than previously, when she kills the man holding David.
  • MacLaren realising that he wants to make a go of it with Kat, calls it off between Carly and himself. Carly really needs something to hold onto in the 21st.
  • Both Grace and Trevor has been shoot. Not so good for the school storyline.
  • Have I ever mentioned that Forbes is a good cop?


And Finally…

David is most worried about his broken tea pot.