In this episode, Trevor decides to kidnap Miss Day, while two travellers are dispatched to help Marcy using an experimental procedure.


There is an unwritten rule on television that if you see two main characters truly happy that it won’t last. Our latest example is the story of Marcy and David.

Marcy has been a time bomb since the beginning with the brain damage of her original host. At some stage she was going to succumb. I knew that this was going to happen at some stage, but I was expecting it a season or two down the line.

I do have a question though, why did we get the time of death caption on Marcy at the beginning? If that was her real time of death, there must be a reason why she survived. It could be her consciousness, especially as the MRI showed her original brain damage.

The Director must really like this team, as for the second time a member of the team is allowed to be saved. Yes, Grace made a mistake, but one thing we are learned is that the future’s knowledge of the past is imperfect. The solution, is a reset to factory default settings for Marcy, meaning that she will not remember anything that has happened to her in the 21st.

Marcy keeps referring to this new version as “she”, in the knowledge that the new version will never experience what she has. All she wants to do is talk to David before making her decision, but it seems that she never had an option. The way that she delivers the last line to David is both chilling and soul destroying.

David didn’t have a clue in the first place, but another new Marcy who doesn’t remember him. Yikes! There won’t be any residual of the original Marcy (pre traveller) so she won’t instinctively trust him as she did the first time.

We learn a little bit more about the future and the rules of time travel. There are no do overs, and are problems in the timeline if travellers aren’t sent sequentially. So a new traveller cannot be sent back to the past from the present’s perspective. They explain it far better than me. Also, the lower your number, the more important a person is. 0014 and 0027 are pretty important then!

We also find out that there is a faction against the Director. If important people are being hidden in the past, then things may not be going well in the future. It also explains why 0014 travelled into a person before MacLaren was given the message to welcome him. It buys a little time if the message was intercepted. Was it this faction that kidnapped the team earlier?


Quick Hits:

  • I’m getting conditioned now that I see a character I don’t recognise at the beginning of an episode I’m assuming that they are about to die. I need to get out more.
  • Trevor is stalking Miss Day to save her from dying as she was on Philip’s wall.
  • Carly has messed up again, and it seems that Jeff is about to get custody.
  • Carly does finally start to push Jeff’s buttons. She needs to be a little less obvious next time.
  • Boyd is both the medic and team leader. Have I asked the question before about them not jumping in replacements for the teams that have lost specialists?
  • Trevor is unable to stop the transfer into Miss Day.
  • Both newbies are programmers who helped design the consciousness transfer. They are also here to hide. What defences have they got?
  • Carly doesn’t understand why neither MacLaren or Marcy have given up what she has for the mission. Conflicted about losing her son.
  • Grace knew!


And Finally…

Did I mention that Trevor is the worst kidnapper ever?