In this episode, MacLaren has memories of his host’s previous life. The rest of the team attempt to cover the tracks of his disappearance.


This is an episode of catching your breath, or if you happen to be MacLaren, get your breath back. With it being split into two storylines, MacLaren reliving old memories of his wife Kathryn and Forbes’ attempt at finding his partner.

There must be something to say about how important the Director thinks MacLaren is. The Director pulled in a specialist medical team to fix up the leader of our merry little band. Considering that MacLaren had gone off mission again, I’m a little surprised that such lengths were taken. We’ve seen teams lose members before, and part of me always asked why not just jump in a replacement. So, what is special about MacLaren?

The memories are somewhat tragic, where you find out why Kat and Grant (works better that way) never had any children. Kat was pregnant at some time in the past but, she lost the baby and almost her own life. Grant always deflected the conversation because he simply didn’t want to risk her again.

It also shows the weakness of their relationship, that Grant puts work first even though he has his doubts about being an agent. The hints have been there that previously that things weren’t perfect in the MacLaren household. Not that any marriage is perfect.

Philip isn’t the least suspicious person in the world, when he picks up the car from the airport. Why didn’t he wear his suit at least? With Forbes again showing how good a cop he is in tracking down Philip first, and then finding MacLaren.

But this episode is about Kat and her relationship with her husband. As she has now forgotten what happened the previous day, she still has her problems with MacLaren. I’m also assuming that she has forgotten the conversation she had with Jeff. This means that she will probably move again at the first sign of provocation.


Quick Hits:

  • Marcy keeps some memory inhibitors on her.
  • The base of operations has been turned into an operating room.
  • I’m not 100% on the timeline, but the memories seem to be reverse order.
  • The Director really wants to keep MacLaren alive.
  • When a doctor says that it is going to hurt, it will.
  • Philip really makes a mess of cleaning up things.
  • FBI car comes not just with GPS positioning but a series of cameras.
  • Forbes and Kat agree that the little things from MacLaren are wrong.
  • MacLaren’s consciousness was kept in the last of his old memories to help protect him.
  • I want to get their decorators. The base is compromised, but moved about in record time.
  • Philip is now a CI for MacLaren, and a hacker.


And Finally…

Trevor growing a spare heart for MacLaren. Yuk!