In this episode, MacLaren is sent on a solo mission to save a congressman. David asks Marcy to move out of his flat.


I think that we need to have a serious conversation about Jeff. Who is probably sitting there quite happy about himself at the moment. All he wants is his family, no matter whatever happens to anyone else. He has put charges of assault against Carly, so that she cannot stand on her own two feet. He even confronts MacLaren, and when that doesn’t work he has a chat with Kat.

Kat wasn’t meant to be on that flight, but because of Jeff, she ends up following her husband thinking that he is running away with his mistress. This complicates the rescue of congressman Bishop, as MacLaren decides to save his wife rather and risk his own. The bad news is that Kat knows about the Travellers and their advanced technologies.

In other news, David is now officially out of the friend zone. Marcy has been a living breathing ethical dilemma for the first two thirds of this season, but it is obvious that both have feelings for each other. Marcy confides in him that she is dying and that everything she has been doing is only to buy time. David just won’t let her go, and they finally properly kiss.

Maybe now Marcy can actually sleep in a bed.

And that brings us to the moral story of this episode, how much our team care about the people around their hosts. The easy way out for MacLaren would have been to let his wife die on the flight. Carly could easily just give Jeff his son. Trevor doesn’t need to start bonding with his father, and why did Marcy trust David so quickly?

Have the team bonded with their hosts loved ones, or is there a residual part of the original host still there saying “trust them”? The only one who doesn’t is Carly, which brings us back to Jeff. The problem is that with all his interference he is risking the identities of at least two members of the team. That could be a problem.


Quick Hits:

  • Jeff confronts MacLaren at the FBI field office. Jeff is pathetic.
  • It seems that Trevor is going to military school to catch up. That will be a problem.
  • So why exactly does Trevor call his dad Gary?
  • MacLaren is given a black box of doom. The Director doesn’t trust him to know the contents.
  • Marcy can’t catch a break as she is sleeping on the couch at base.
  • You never mess with a flight attendant! No matter who you think you are.
  • Trevor never gives the impression that he is reliable. Last week the test, this time missing golf with his dad.
  • I keep on getting the impression that the team and their actions are controversial. What else were they expected to do?
  • Bishop is taken over. Should I be worried about all these people they are taking over?
  • The EMTs that took MacLaren must be the team that were originally going to get Bishop.


And Finally…

There are worse things than a kettle to give to a woman. Isn’t there?