In this episode, Cassandra, Stone and Jones investigate a holistic spa retreat. Meanwhile, Baird and Flynn go on a date.


Cassandra’s tumour has been out there since the beginning, and has always been in the background even if it was rarely mentioned. It was thought to be the cause of her mathe-magical powers (couldn’t think of a better way to put it), and Cassandra always felt that she wouldn’t be a librarian without them. It all comes to a head here.

With any illness, until you are told that it is time, there is always hope. For a cure, for things not to deteriorate, or even for someone to tell you that it was all a mistake. Cassandra has always thought that her tumour made her special, and that without it she wouldn’t be the same person. Her biggest fear was that after her surgery, she would no longer be a librarian. So, she would rather die as she was rather than become less than she is.

It made the offer of becoming a vampire slightly interesting. Only slightly, because she wouldn’t be able to be a librarian any longer as she would have to stay in the spa. So, it was never happening.

The vampires though are in a difficult situation. At the spa they are cured from being creatures of the night, but haven’t they replaced one prison for another? There would be a temptation to try and find the cause to replicate it, but human testing is going a little too far. It also wouldn’t help with return business.

On a slightly different note, does Cassandra have a thing for immortals? She does seem fascinated by them doesn’t she. First it was Morgan le Fay, then asking Jenkins out on a date, and now her new bestie, vampire girl. I suppose everyone has a type.

Oh, and the mathe-magical stuff. Now supercharged. Looks like the tumour was inhibiting Cassandra’s abilities not causing.


Quick Hits:

  • That golfer, on fire literally.
  • The family running the spa immediately flinched at the mention of the library.
  • Is Cassandra looking for the last resort at the last resort?
  • Vampires with a tan. Free stakes, crosses, garlic and holy water for everybody.
  • A knight never breaks an oath, but he still loves Cassandra.
  • Flynn lied and mislead Eve to make a date. Baird likes it.
  • Ezekiel has brought an arsenal back with him to the spa. Not suspicious at all.
  • It’s the water that gives the vampires immunity from the sun.
  • Jenkins to the rescue, sword and dagger in hand. Sweeping the lady to safety.
  • Cassandra is operated on, and it is a success. Looks like she recovered pretty quickly.
  • Has Cassandra found the right immortal?


And Finally…

Stone’s plans are always the simplest. Punch and kick, or should that be kick and punch?