In this episode, the Elric brothers finally arrive at Liore, where they come across a priest who is ignoring the rule of equivalent exchange.


In the world of Fullmetal Alchemist, Alchemy is the main science studied, essentially replacing Physics. With the laws of thermal dynamics being replaced with the rule of equivalent exchange. Any object transmuted must retain its original mass, and it cannot change from an organic to an inorganic object or vice versa.

The only way to break this law is using the fabled Philosopher’s Stone, which allows the user to create objects from nothing. The Elric brothers are searching for the stone in the hopes that they can use it to get their bodies back. The fact that Father Cornello can seemingly create things from nothing suggests to the brothers that he has a stone.

The good news is that Cornello actually had a stone, but it shattered and ground into dust before Ed could take it from him. As the same thing happened with McDougal’s stone earlier, is overuse a flaw or did they both have fakes?

We also learn a little bit more about what Alchemy is capable of. We see Al fixing the radio that he accidently broke, showing that it can be applied to complex machinery. We also come across our first Chimera which seems to be a combination of animals. Even with only a couple of examples you can see the scope of things that Alchemy can achieve.

In Liore they also meet Rose who lost her fiancée, and is hoping that through her devotion to the Sun God Leto is hoping for his return. She is where Ed and Al where after losing their mother, but instead of turning to Alchemy she turns herself to God. When Ed nonchalantly lists the ingredients for creating a person, it isn’t out of spite, but to remind her that humans are much more than the chemicals that make us up.

At the end of the episode when is asking Ed to tell her what to do, he replies that she must keep moving forward as he and his brother did. It would be easy to accuse Ed of being cold here, but he is living proof of the consequences of going too far in trying to bring something back from the dead.


Quick Hits:

  • If you are wandering around with a seven foot, talking suit of armour. Guess which one they think is called Fullmetal?
  • One of the ongoing jokes is about Ed being small, but not in his anger.
  • Does the Philosopher’s Stone also allow you to skip transmutation circles? Father Cornello didn’t seem to use one.
  • Al saves Rose, and Cornello isn’t so shy about shooting at his own believer.
  • Ed is never unarmed. Everyone should be scared.
  • So the idea was to build an army of devoted followers and then attempt to tear the country apart.
  • Lust and Gluttony seem to have been the figures behind Cornello. Seemingly they just wanted second part of his plan. An uprising.
  • Father won’t be pleased.


And Finally…

A free piece of advice to all you budding evil geniuses out there. Never tell the good guys your plan, especially if they could broadcast it to everyone.