In this episode MacLaren deals with a transfer gone wrong, while the rest of the team deals with real life issues.


It must be very tempting to arrive in the past, and think to yourself that the mission isn’t that important and make a run for it. We’ve already seen that not all travellers are as loyal as our little merry band of misfits. So, what would happen if someone just wants to become a tourist?

As stated in the episode, if there was a true misfire Donner would have died in the explosion. However, we do have an example of some who should have died not (the driver of the truck of antimatter), so it is possible that a misfire occurred. For most of the episode Donner plays it straight.

What gave it away, to me, was when he asked to be placed in the witness protection program. A true religious zealot would have let god’s will be. He was already prepared to die in the explosion at the virtual brothel, so the death penalty wouldn’t have scared him. Up until then I thought that was a misfire, and that MacLaren was giving away too much. But hey, what do I know?

The disposition and trial of Donner was beautifully done and rather sinister at the same time. How high up the totem pole have the Travellers infiltrated? Even the defence attorney was one, which made me smile. Here was Donner exposing the truth, to a room full of Travellers. That must have been depressing.

The trial itself was a formality and it was interesting that all of the cells were involved in getting a verdict. I suppose that to them there isn’t a higher sin that betraying the future, and the override of a traveller is a last resort. In the back of my mind I was half expecting the return of the original personality, but I suppose that even spending your life in jail is better than living in the future.


Quick Hits:

  • The boys are also on the dodgy webcam. I thought I was watching a different show there for a second.
  • Trevor is particularly useless at not looking too suspicious at doing well on the exam.
  • I called the custody battle. Thank you I’ll be here all week.
  • Jeff is causing quite a few problems for both Carly and Marcy.
  • Philip is there to help Carly, who manages to mess up and gets angry again.
  • Everyone is going to assume that Marcy was putting it on, and she can’t buy everyone off. Who looked after Marcy before the state took over? Does she have a family?
  • I thought that Philip was calling everyone in because of the slight changes in history.
  • By the sounds of things, it is worse in the future.
  • Trevor missed his test. I think his crush, Miss Day, will not be happy.


And Finally…

Donner meets Luca in jail. Is there a rift forming between the travellers?