After successfully completing their main mission the team adjust to spending the rest of their lives at their hosts.


If the previous mission was a success, then the team would be stuck in the present day living the rest of their lives as their hosts. There isn’t just the shock having to live another’s life full time, there were also the side effects of the antitoxin they were given for that mission.

We’ll start with Carly. Unlike the rest of the team, she has no one to look out for her. So, when she starts getting visions of her abduction she acts paranoid. Looking for bugs and hidden cameras. When the woman from Child Protection Services turns up, our cool level headed tactician is no more. Does anyone else feel that there is a child custody battle around the corner?

Marcy spends her time trying to mitigate her seizures, by performing surgery on herself. This finally gets David to freak out. David is in a difficult position considering his duty of care for Marcy. You could already argue that he has crossed the line into inappropriate, and by the end of the episode he is starting to think that himself.

The more I see of Trevor’s old life, the more I want to punch him in the face. He was a bit of a douche. I liked his confession to Rene, who seems to enjoy being with the new Trevor. Maybe she is more than a queen bee.

Philip is the one who can deal best with the visions that he is getting from the antitoxin, considering his own addiction. Ray seemingly wants to help him (Is this the redemption episode for all of the minor characters), taking him to a group and even buying him a pet. Philip is the one character with the most to gain if he cleans himself up, as he is the one with the blank canvass. If he leaves the addict behind he can whatever he wants.

Kat is right that everything points to MacLaren having an affair. I know that he has slept with Carly, so she is right, but it is all those missions that he is going on that is taking the time. And this is the problem for all of them. It is impossible for the team to live exactly as their hosts, and the loved ones of the hosts are all suspicious of the changes.

I’m a little surprised that they immediately went cold turkey on living their hosts’ lives. I would have thought that the comms would have been open a little so that they could touch base with each other. Living another’s life isn’t easy, and with no support. Impossible.


Quick Hits:

  • MacLaren likes to over think things doesn’t he?
  • Those little bits during the episode where there were triggers, to their mission and the future. Very disorientating.
  • So the shoplifting and stealing was Trevor’s plan. He deserved the punch but for other reasons.
  • A little more about the future, we see some figures dressed, and they were all living in shelters.
  • Philip gets himself a pet.
  • Philip admitting everything about who he is. If he had said it out loud everyone would have thought that he was high.
  • If your wife is questioning you the most suspicious thing you can do is immediately sleep with her.
  • Was that the future Carly?
  • I see no problem with Trevor and Philip being friends.


And Finally…

The team has a new mission. Sounds like it isn’t over yet.