Whilst on his way to Liore, Ed thinks back to how he started on his journey to get both Al’s and his bodies back. Meanwhile Maes Hughes tells Mustang that Issac McDougal used Alkahestry from Xing.


This episode is a flashback in three parts. The first part tells the story of how Ed and Al are how they are now. The second deals with Mustang’s offer to Ed about joining the military, and the third deals with Ed’s state alchemist exam.

The emotional core of this series is the one about two boys who simply wanted to get their mother back. If it is difficult for a parent to accept the death of their child, then how difficult is it for a young child to lose their only parent. In those couple of scenes with Trisha Elric you see her love for her sons and it doesn’t surprise you that they do something stupid.

In the world of Alchemy there is one undeniable truth, you cannot bring back someone from the dead. There is no equivalent exchange for a soul, but there is a cost of finding this truth out. For Ed it is his leg, and for Al it is his body.

Lt Colonel Roy Mustang is right that there is fire in Ed’s eyes. He had already lost his mother and he would do anything to save his brother. So, an arm in exchange for bonding Al’s soul to a suit of armour is nothing. I laugh at his over the top anger, but without it Ed probably doesn’t have the sheer determination to do what he does.

This episode is all about setting the scene, and telling us all about who the Elric brothers are and the origins of the Fullmetal Alchemist. We know what they want, their bodies back, and we know that they are on a quest to find the Philosopher’s Stone.


Quick Hits:

  • Poor Winry, Ed and Al won’t tell her anything.
  • We see teacher. Hello Izumi.
  • It is interesting that the mysterious figure by the gate referred to itself as all and one. Didn’t notice that before.
  • Winry has always been a pretty good shot with a spanner.
  • There must be something significant about not having to use a transmutation circle.
  • The look on Ed’s face when he realised that King Bradley had sliced his staff in half. Priceless.
  • So it was King Bradley who named Ed, Fullmetal. Our glorious leader has a developed sense of humour.
  • One thing I love about this show are the opening and closing credits. My favourite is the closing credits in this first part. I adore the crayon type animation and the reveal at the end.


And Finally…

We also get to meet Ed’s greatest nemesis. Milk.