In this episode the team visits Dr Delaney in an effort to stop the first domino in the fall of humanity. They must deflect Helios 685 eighteen months before it hits the Earth.


So everything has been heading to this. For most series this would have worked as the season finale. All of the previous missions would have been leading here, and it would have folded in nicely with the storyline started back in the pilot. So, having it resolved in the middle of the season seems quite curious.

I liked having the engineer around and we get a few more titbits about the future. There is a project team who are evaluating what is going on in the past. The team realises that their oath is quite literal, as if they succeed they will have no longer existed. But the most important thing was the warning that the engineer gave when she said not to leave things in the hands of the Director.

Is there anything in the future that we need to worry about? Especially as she wouldn’t spill the beans on who captured them last time. And the engineer said she knew.

Even though they ended up doing very little I enjoyed those scenes with the death cult who all had been travelled into (I’m going to have to phase that better). A most epic road trip, and we will never find out if it was a dog or a bear. It was probably a cat! Meet the cast of the next Expendables film.

I do have a thought about the ending and the soldiers. Firstly, shouldn’t the gas in the air have killed them? You know the one all of them have been inoculated against. Or if they are going to die in the explosion anyway, why can’t the reinforcements shoot them? That part made no sense to me. Yes, the ending each of the soldiers being jumped into one at a time looked cool, but it wasn’t needed.

Now the question is have they succeeded? As we are only halfway through the season I’m guessing that it didn’t go as well as expected. Maybe it was naïve to think that the near miss would bring the world together.


Quick Hits:

  • It would have been really confusing if one of the sect members had misfired. I would have been asking for my money back.
  • So the driver of the truck in the first mission didn’t die and comes out of the coma. More bad intel.
  • Beck the sniper. Enough said.
  • The team is already famous but not for a good reason.
  • Of course Major Gleeson is an idiot.
  • If it was off book then that part of the story died with him.
  • Marcy decides to follow David’s lead and leave a goofy message.
  • Isn’t it ironic that the one to turn the key was Major Gleeson?


And Finally…

If it has been a success would the team have disappeared after the explosion? Time paradoxes are a strange thing and we will have to see what happens next.