In this episode MacLaren is on the search when the remainder of the team are captured and questioned by an unknown enemy.


The big question is who captured the team. Was it orchestrated by the Director, or was it so that they would cancel the mission? My initial thought was that it was some sort of loyalty test. All four have people suspicious of their change, and maybe the Director wanted to make sure that they were all still on mission.

Whoever it was had quite a bit of information about the team. They had a camera in David’s flat, asked about Jeff, Jeff Junior and most importantly Hall. They knew about Philips drug addiction, and also gave him a drug that made him overflow with memories. It seemed to me that they were looking for confirmation rather than new details. They knew who each of the four were and what their specialty is.

Another thing to bear in mind. If there are some unseen forces trying to stop the Director’s plan, why didn’t the Director react? It took David turning up the FBI field office for MacLaren to realise that something was amiss. MacLaren did send a message in the dark web, but there was no reply. As Boyd herself said, sometimes the Director takes them out of the equation.

If there is some shadowy organisation trying to stop the travellers doesn’t that mean that this team is irrevocably compromised? Until I knew who it was that captured and tortured them, I would have to shelve them even though they gave nothing away. Either that or I would them away as far as possible.

It was interesting how each of the captives deal with the interrogation in their own way. Philip just straight up quoted every war quote that he could think of. Carly when shown her son went full on revenging angel. Marcy just wouldn’t relent when she saw the videos (How did they make those?). Of course the most interesting reaction was Trevor.

I have no idea of what happened to him in the future, but Trevor was relishing the whole ordeal. Partly taunting and dismissing his capturers. He was the master of Zen getting the others to relax and going through breathing exercises with Marcy and Philip. Trevor was in his element.


Quick Hits:

  • It is going to be awkward in the long term the family except the daughter being transferred into.
  • So in the first wave 30% of transfers failed. I’m guessing that the rate hasn’t changed significantly.
  • All of the travellers volunteered. By the sounds of things, it wasn’t much of a choice.
  • There were five cells. So why didn’t they capture MacLaren?
  • So what modifications did they do to Philip so that he could be a historian?
  • No idea what the mission was, but the family turned up in a helicopter all geared up to the hilt. Would have been good to know.
  • Carly kills by biting through their guard’s main artery in his arm. That made me sit up straight.
  • It seems that they were done with the team, as it doesn’t take long for MacLaren to find them. It was still three day though.


And Finally…

Trevor answering the question about his age was very funny. I’m a young man with an old soul. Indeed.