In this episode, the librarians come across a cult worshipping an ex reality television star. Flynn and Stone fall for it hook, line, and sinker.


There isn’t much of a line between obsession and love, and the two can be easily confused. This is because when you love someone, especially at the beginning, you do become slightly obsessed. The real moral of the story is that it isn’t about who loves you, but who you love. One-way obsession becomes very creepy, very quickly.

Cindy’s chagrin early on with how people were treating her, meant that there was no reciprocation of their love with her. She couldn’t be happy, was she seemed bored with all of the attention. Flynn with his good words was probably a nice distraction until it turned into poetry. Why is it always poetry? And bad poetry at that.

Ezekiel’s defence against the obsession potion (must not get in Jenkin’s bad books) was thought of originally because they think that Jones only loves himself. I thought that we had already gone through that this season already. Stone’s explanation that it was because that he already loved Cindy made a little more sense, and showed a nice piece of character development for Ezekiel.

Didn’t stop Jenkins from dosing him anyway.

Can we give it up for Cassandra and Eve? Yes, they fell for the old, get yourself locked in the freezer by the evil witch trick, but it was nice that they got to do the donkey work in stopping the love rocket launch. I’m still thinking that Cassandra has been underused this season, but we must be due her episode soon.

My biggest problem with the episode was that I don’t see how Cindy could have been on a reality show in the first place. She comes across as someone who wouldn’t even apply. If she was, it would be impossible to believe that everyone would have hated her. Trust me, she would have had a merry little band of stalkers.

At the end of the day, Apep was behind this. Agnes can’t remember anything and probably wasn’t a witch. I need to ask why the plan wasn’t for everyone to become obsessed with Apep’s host? Wouldn’t you then have complete control. I should be more interested that Apep’s sarcophagus is on a DOSA truck.


Quick Hits:

  • The “We’re the librarians” line does use a little magic.
  • Why does the sign spell Cyndi rather than Cindy?
  • DOSA working with Cindy? Less obsessive than everyone else.
  • Stone was of course going to fall straight away after the speech.
  • Does that make the annex the main entrance into the library these days?
  • Not proximity based.
  • Jenkins doesn’t get the fix first time. Flynn and Stone…
  • Jones connects to Cindy. No matter ow much you get, you always want more.
  • Jenkins to the rescue with his trusty weed whacker.
  • Cindy has a friend, and Ezekiel is very happy with himself.


And Finally…

An old person’s selfie. One taken by somebody else.