In this episode MacLaren is forced to chase after another team after a buy goes bad. Meanwhile Trevor tells his parents that he no longer wants to be a football player.


It seemed obvious that the people that the Director wanted them to assist were the people that escaped from the botched hand over. However, it was surprising to know that both parties were travellers. It also hints that the Director can’t stop a team from going rogue, which is interesting considering how peeved off he has been with our team for breaking protocol.

This wasn’t really a question of MacLaren’s leadership, it was about method. It is obvious that Hall’s team had moved away from their old lives, and were living the struggle of changing time. Now, we don’t know how much of that was by design from the Director, but it seems to go against what we have seen in the previous three episodes.

Killing Forbes was not really an option, as it would have put too much scrutiny on MacLaren (especially if he had pulled the trigger). It would probably be easier for all five to leave their old lives behind and jump into the cause full time. However, that would make them noticeable to the authorities.

So it seems that there are five in each team. Their roles are Medic (Marcy), Scientist (Trevor), Tactician (Carly), Historian (Philip) and Leader (MacLaren). It also seems that the transfer back isn’t as reliable as implied earlier, as Hall says all five making it isn’t as regular as they thought.

I’m starting to get really worried about Jeff. He is getting crumbs about how both Marcy and Carly have changed. He threatens Marcy about living with David, which is legally quite dodgy. He attempts to confront Carly about their family, but she makes it abundantly clear that she wants as little as possible to do with him. The problem could come when he starts digging a little deeper.

Mentioning problems, Philip is about five minutes away from being blackmailed by his scumbag of a lawyer. Too much is being filtered through him. He knows where their base of operations is, and he has sorted out a safe house for the team. If he realises that the time traveller thing isn’t a joke, then Philip will be in trouble.

Taking about getting into trouble we have Trevor who tells his parents that he no longer wants to play football and wants to study the sciences. So welcome to the world of being grounded.


Quick Hits:

  • Protocol 1 is mentioned but not quoted. Something along the lines that the mission is everything.
  • Protocol 2: Leave the future in the past.
  • We know why Trevor is enjoying the past so much. He’s probably some old scientist in the future.
  • Does it matter if Luca and Marcy are brother and sister? Seemed out of nowhere.
  • We do however get a hint about what life is like in the future.
  • The Director’s message said assist not merge.
  • Carly and MacLaren are having a relationship. Jeff has guessed and Kat isn’t getting any. This is not going to go well.


And Finally…

Helios is coming. Sounds ominous.