In this episode, the team’s next mission is cancelled giving them time to live as their hosts. Philip decides to go to a funeral.


Imperfect information seems to be an ongoing theme of this series. From official records Philip died the first time he took heroin, but in reality he was an addict. Unfortunately, this means that traveller Philip has been dealing this without telling his team leader. Not a good thing.

His addiction comes to a head in this episode. After an aborted mission, Philip falsifies a message from the future about saving a ten year old boy. The Director’s message saying that they are off mission and things become a mess with the abductors dead and Philip shot in the stomach. The boy is rescued, but it is possible that the cell has exposed themselves.

Philip is the teams’ historical database, and under the best of circumstances it would be difficult to live with all of the information that he knows about the host candidates and their deaths. Under the influence of drugs, it becomes too burdensome. Morally, should they stop a person they know is going to die?

Unlike the others in the team Philip has already had to deal with two deaths that he has seen, and he is having problems coming to terms with this. In both cases, phoning for an ambulance may have saved their lives, but he didn’t. There is a certain irony that he cannot save a life when the act of a traveller arriving causes does this. The money that he gives to both families shows his regret at what had happened.

Philip isn’t to blame as he is in a damaged host, and now as it is public knowledge so to speak he can be helped. It is also noteworthy that Marcy didn’t come clean herself about her host’s problems. This was the perfect time, and she should know the consequences of telling all of her colleagues.

In other developments, Jeff is asking questions about Marcy. I feel slightly sorry for David as it seems that March has him wrapped neatly around her little finger. However, if Jeff can the link the changes in Marcy with the more aggressive Carly there may be trouble ahead for our team.


Quick Hits:

  • Protocol 3: Don’t take a life. Don’t save a life.
  • Protocol 5: Resume your host’s life.
  • Trevor has got to learn the hierarchy of school. He ended up sitting at the wrong table.
  • It was funny that he left his girlfriend high and dry after offering to pay for a replacement for the phone that was broken. Even the teacher knows that he isn’t himself.
  • Carly, has a gun in her diaper bag. Just do not look in the toy box.
  • So it seems that only children can be used as messengers.
  • Marcy seems to have a bag of future medical gear.
  • The FBI was onto Philip and his IP address in one day. Time for some deflection from MacLaren.


And Finally…

Trevor doesn’t need to study for his next exam. It’s on history.