If you are a Star Wars fan, 2016, especially the last few days thereof, have been very difficult. As a fan myself it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between an actor and the character that we play. Do you know what one of my favourite moments is in A Force Awakens? Recognising Admiral Ackbar. Finding out earlier this year about the passing of the actor that voiced him, Erik Bauersfield, made me watch those Youtube clips of the great Admiral’s wisest quote.

I found myself doing the same thing this week when I found out that Carrie Fisher had been taken from us. I must have watched every single Leia scene from the films, mashed together with her roasts of both Harrison Ford and George Lucas (which are very funny), and her appearance in The Blues Brothers (the tunnel scene is excellent).

And I didn’t even mention Kenny Baker!

I watched Rogue One with one of my sisters. As it flows directly into the original Star Wars film, we watched that later in the day, and I ended up completing the original trilogy on Christmas Day. It seems fitting now after the fact. I don’t know, and never met any of the three, but I cannot do anything better than remember why I thought so fondly of them.

Normally in the summer I do a rewatch of a favourite series, but this year I decided to try something different and watch some anime. Some people think I cheated, as I spent an evening going through lists of the best anime. I went for the easily accessible good stuff, filtering out the questionable quality.

Generally, I’m dub over sub, but will watch something subtitled if there is no dub available. Fullmetal Alchemist & Cowboy Bebop. Both great! Death Note, starts great but falls away after a certain point. Sword Art Online, has an alright first story, but the second is an abomination. Stein’s Gate is a really good time travel story. The Seven Deadly Sins starts slowly but is really, quite a bit of fun. Hunter X Hunter, just isn’t my cup of tea. Knights of Sidonia was a little silly, but quite watchable.

One thing I would really like is more time. Has there ever been a time when there has even been so much great sci-fi out there? I can remember complaining about the lack of Space Opera level televisions shows a couple of years back, and with Dark Matter, Killjoys and The Expanse there are three. Being in space, has never been so cool.

I think 2016 was a great year for television Sci-Fi and I’m really looking forward to 2017. Full Doctor Who season, a new Star Trek series, and whatever surprises still to be mentioned. Happy New Year!


Quick Hits:

  • The Aliens were made by the same people who did Misfits. Can we have more Misfits?
  • Am I allowed to admit that Heroes Reborn was better than I thought?
  • The Shannara Chronicles was as bad as I thought.
  • Supergirl is fluffy clouds, unicorns and ice cream.
  • The Flash is just fun in a box.
  • By the end of season 4 I was hate watching Arrow. It’s better now.
  • Legends of Tomorrow is the red headed step child of the Arrowverse. I like the silliness.
  • Gotham has embraced the crazy.
  • 12 Monkeys suffered from the dreaded sophomore slump.
  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield finally got rid of Grant Ward. Can we also get rid of Daisy, please?
  • I’m so licking my lips for The Defenders.
  • You can never turn down new Red Dwarf, especially good Red Dwarf. Six more in 2017.
  • Star Wars Rebels has surpassed The Clone Wars.
  • The Expanse was really good, but I the Earth storyline felt too disconnected.
  • Dark Matter surprised and amazed me this year.
  • Killjoys has brought the sexy back.
  • The Librarians still holds nothing to Warehouse 13.
  • I suppose one episode of Doctor Who is better than none. How long to Easter?
  • Travelers has an interesting concept.


And Finally…

What am I planning? In the short term, I’ll be putting up the remainder of Travelers episodes over the next couple of weeks. I’m going to put Timeless on the rotation, but will need to clear the backlog first. I’m tempted to also try and fit in a rewatch of the first season of The Expanse before the end January too.

Once February starts, it will be Arrowverse, Timeless, and The Expanse as the backbone of the posts. I’m going to do a summer rewatch, which will either be Farscape or Warehouse 13. Haven’t decided which yet. You will have noticed that I covered the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, these won’t be regular as that will be my filler show for now.

This is all subject to change, with very little set in stone. I may just start doing random favourite episodes. The short term plan is to concentrate on new shows, and then jump backwards in time to fill in the gaps.