In this episode the Freezing Alchemist is on the rampage in Central, and the Elric Brothers are asked to help in his capture.


I’m generally not a fan of anime, and until this year I hadn’t watched much of it. However, I came across this wonderful little series which quickly rose highly in my favourites of all time. If you come across this series, give it a go. But be warned, Netflix recently removed it. I did buy a copy on DVD though.

Something felt off the first time I watched this episode, as I felt that I was missing something. In the few anime that I have previously seen I was dragged slowly into the plot. Here, it felt that I was watching characters that I should recognise rather than being introduced to a new world. It felt like a TV pilot rather than the beginning of the story.

There is a good reason for this, as there was a previous anime of the manga that this is based on. So this episode is a reintroduction to those who watched the original. If this is your first exposure to the world of Fullmetal Alchemist all you miss is some nuances.

There are a number important beats of the story are touched upon here. Al being bonded to his suit of armour, the Philosopher’s stone, human transmutation. There is also a surprising amount of storyline foreshadowing here. Watching this after finishing the series, there are a couple of bits which made me go “oh, I didn’t notice that the first time”.

The only thing that felt out of place was the scene with the Crimson Alchemist. I know that Kimblee reappears down the line, but his return isn’t for a while and I don’t think his appearance adds anything to the episode.

I immediately fell in love with the silly humour of this show. Alright, I like comedy, so this doesn’t surprise anyone. So, the changes in animation, and the over the top reactions really play into the things I like.

There is a very serious story starting here, but it’s fun.


Quick Hits:

  • There is no Freezing Alchemist in the manga.
  • In fact, this story doesn’t appear in the original material.
  • Colonel Mustang cannot use his alchemy if he is wet. Quite a flaw that one.
  • So why the big search of King Bradley can take out McDougal that easily?
  • Twice in the episode you see a set of eyes. Who is that?


And Finally…

Shouldn’t Major Alex Louis Armstrong’s theme be “I’m too sexy for my shirt”. Just saying.