In this episode the team embark on their first mission, stop an anti-matter explosion. That part is a success, but they run into a problem passing the anti-matter to another team.


There seems to be quite a bit of sneaking back into their homes at the end of the night in this episode. You are shown it both after they steal the anti-matter and a second time at the end when everything has been resolved. I suppose they are trying to show them switching between their two lives. This will hopefully transition to seeing more of their host’s lives, as we see more of their struggles to live in the twenty first century.

The one whose life has changed the most is of course Marcy who has had no chance in trying to live as her host. For some reason she continues to sleep on David’s couch saying that she is going to need him at some stage in the future. My suspicion is that after she self-diagnoses herself she is going to ask for a replacement host.

We also get to know a little bit more about the travellers in general. They are grouped in cells, and outside contact with other cells is forbidden outside of a mission. Hence the Protocol 6 in the title. Everything is coordinated from the future and they have the ability to temporarily take over someone who can act as a messenger.

We also find out that MacLaren and Carly have a history together. I suppose that they have a protocol that covers relationships between members of a cell. Meanwhile, Marcy knows about Philip’s addiction and tells him about her host’s medical issues. Does this match the dynamics of the team from their original timeline?

I do have a question about the botched transfer. I’m guessing that their contact did successfully transfer into the host just before he died of the drug overdose. Did that kill the agent from the future? What would happen if one of our team dies in this timeline? This could be important if Marcy really wants to move into a better host.


Quick Hits:

  • The cop knew exactly who they were immediately. Is there a look?
  • Jeff took the baby, but did I miss Carly getting him back?
  • David heard the shenanigans on the phone. Is he going to let in on the secret?
  • So cop woman has been here for over a year. How long has this time meddling been going on for?
  • That doctor believed them pretty quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes up again.
  • That clock in David’s flat. I like it.
  • They get a passing grade under the circumstances from those above. Could have been worse.


And Finally…

Trevor is all sorts of up in the morning. Should I ask the question of the age difference between characters and their hosts?