In this episode an FBI agent investigates four people who have been in contact on the dark web. He suspects that there will be a terrorist attack.


There are now quite a few time travel series out there, not quite a zombie level yet but it is getting close. Therefore, it is getting difficult to differentiate between them, as you can only go back to try and stop JFK’s assassination so many times.

This series addresses this as the time travel aspect of this series seem to be for driving the plot of the week, rather than as the solution to all our problems. I’m guessing that we are going to see more messages from the dark web rather than a big machine surrounded by people wearing white coats.

For most series time travel is an excuse to break out the period costumes. Here I shouldn’t have to worry about trying to keep the timeline straight in my mind. I’m hoping for more Odyssey 5 than The Time Tunnel.

So the basic plot is that at some point in the future humanity has been almost wiped out, and to stop this from happening thousands of people have been sent back to change the timeline. It is clever that they take over the consciousness of people just as they die. But one thing I did notice was that even if that person is saved and wouldn’t die they could still be taken over. That’s a bit more of a grey area I suppose.

The pilot early on addresses one of the biggest issues with for time travellers, that is how do they acclimatise? Trevor plays up the memory loss aspect of the concussion that he got in the fight. Carly uses the internet to find out how to look after a baby. And so on and so forth. If all they have are official documents and social media to go by this should be a good subplot to mine throughout the season.

It is also interesting that Philip seems to have more specific knowledge of the time that they have travelled to. He knows both the results of horse races, and lottery numbers so that he has enough money to get himself a secret lair. His word not mine. No one else showed such knowledge.

I have to say that this has got my attention. I think that there is an interesting series in here, and the premise is unique. Let’s see where this goes.


Quick Hits:

  • When you tell your teenage girlfriend that you want to grow together, it means something more serious to her.
  • One lesson for those living in the future. Everyone lies on social media. It’s not a good basis for gathering intelligence.
  • Marcy complains about there being too much existing damage in her host. Is it possible for her jump back and into another host?
  • Marcy also seems to have a thing about being naked. I’m afraid to ask what they wear in the future.
  • Couldn’t Philip have gotten all seven numbers in the lottery to keep the team in it for life.
  • The abusive boyfriend is in the police. This isn’t going to go well.
  • Detective Gower was considered to be a host. That whole scene just seemed wrong.
  • So Special Agent MacLaren was after the guy who was stopped by the team. It’s good to see that the change in the timeline (that was the original case he was working on) from their arrival has been fixed in a nice tight bow.


And Finally…

The abusive boyfriend got what he had coming to him.