In this episode, Flynn Carson arrives back at the Library in search of The Eye of Ra. Unfortunately, this means a trip into the Bermuda Triangle.


The Librarians have always had a Flynn Carson problem. Whenever he appears, he sucks all the air out of the room, and the series regulars become secondary characters. There is always a feeling that they are house sitting until his return. When he appears, the episodes become about Flynn. This is no exception, but maybe it is our redemption.

Starting with the intervention this episode is about Flynn learning to be four things, a leader, a teacher, a friend and a partner. Even within the original films Flynn has been a lone wolf, and he hasn’t been a great example for the team. He even treats the other three not as Librarians, but as apprentices. People just to do as he says.

The argument between Flynn and Baird at the airport also opened some wounds. When he mentions their three children, that is undoubtedly Cassandra, Stone and Jones. Flynn has always love Baird, yet he couldn’t understand why she looks at him differently now. She wants Flynn to be a hero. Flynn, has seen so much evil recently that all he is thinking about is survival, but Eve is able to get him out of his funk.

The Librarians don’t have a good track record on subtlety, and the trial is nothing more than repeating the mantra that Flynn needs to be a better leader, teacher, friend and partner. Now, that he has learned his lesson maybe Flynn is a changed Librarian.

Yes, The Eye of Ra is only to be used as a last resort, but do you think it isn’t going to be used? But, the price is a sacrifice of Flynn’s choosing. So, we are guaranteed a death, and the favourite is Flynn himself. Would he really kill someone else?

A stray comment that got my attention was when Flynn mentioned that the first season was about magic returning, the second about lay lines, and this about evil using the magic in the lay lines. A clever way of showing that this is the culmination of the previous two and a half seasons. Something serious in a series which is quite light.


Quick Hits:

  • The intervention even had a list of hurts. Really stupid.
  • Stone feels silly, but he was still there. Be more like Jenkins.
  • Mmmm Magic Tic-Tacs.
  • The whole Bermuda Triangle following a poem. So it knew that this would be the last disappearance.
  • Everyone comes into the Annex acting like pigs and Jenkins is not amused.
  • Of course Flynn was going to on himself.
  • I think that the special effects budget was used up on the disappearing plane. The looking glass world looked pretty bad.
  • Jenkins the gatekeeper and Cassandra the Red Queen were the highlights. Couldn’t the story have been four tasks with the library bits at the beginning.
  • So no more running away for Flynn.


And Finally…

If you are going to quote the great philosophers, Spock is always a good choice.