In this episode The Doctor tries to stabilise the time anomalies around New York. Unfortunately, a young boy eats a gem stone and gains super powers.


Any similarities are purely coincidental with any book comic characters especially Superman and Lois Lane. Generally speaking Doctor Who Christmas episodes are quite light, and this certainly fits that bill. Again, the Doctor finds himself at Christmas with a young boy showing him his latest machine.

When it was first announced that this episode was taking place in New York, the crusty old Doctor Who fans stated that The Doctor had said previously that he couldn’t go back to New York because the fabric of time itself was too weak in the area. As he was there to fix the problems, I am going to leave it there, talking very quickly and hoping that no one notices.

The story itself is quite straightforward, aliens want to take over the world and will use a false invasion so that people panic and they replace all of the world’s leaders. Can I say that this isn’t that important to the overall story? As this is a love story between Grant and Lucy.

Grant is the boy in question from The Doctor’s earlier visit and rather than the gem passing through him it has merged and he has become a super hero. Yes, he had promised The Doctor that he wouldn’t use the powers, by why should our favourite time lord complain as he isn’t the best example for keeping those.

The Ghost, for that is his name, is being pursued doggedly by the reporter Lucy Fletcher. Doesn’t sound as if it is from a comic book at all. Of course, Grant works as a nanny for Lucy’s child. After a roof top dinner and being confronted by the evil aliens. Grant stops a spaceship before it crashes into New York revealing himself as the super hero and Lucy and he all live happily ever after.

The episode itself is an entertaining piece of fluff, with the interesting part being the end. I find it interesting that this takes place directly after leaving River Song after their last night together on Darillium. He doesn’t want to talk about it, as everything is still pretty raw. It is left to Nardole to tell their hosts about River Song.

It has been rumoured that this will be Peter Capaldi’s last season as the mad man in the box. If it ends up being that way, there is an interesting quote. “Everything ends and it is sad, but everything begins again too and it is happy.” Could it be about River Song, or is it about his time being up?


Quick Hits:

  • If your child says to you on Christmas eve that there was an old man swinging outside your window, Santa may not be my first thought.
  • That looks cheap. Welcome to the world of the BBC.
  • Light to moderate injury is fine. Good to have boundaries.
  • They keep on mentioning that New York isn’t a capital city.
  • Lucy said that she wasn’t going to wear the red dress. Poor Grant.
  • We want the same thing you want. His body.
  • Punching random buttons and switches. Always works for me.
  • So one of the aliens escape. Sequel anyone.


And Finally…

Developing X-Ray vision during puberty is not good. At least he didn’t go to an all boys school.