In this episode the Moya crew find themselves on present day Earth. Grayza has a little present for Crichton.


After over three years of trying John Crichton has finally returned home. This should be a triumph for our dashing hero, but Crichton has become more cynical in his old age. His plan is to give Earth enough hints and then get the frell out of Dodge. He wants Earth to grow in its own way.

It is interesting how the government treats their visitors, most unlike how it was in “A Human Reaction”. Yes, they are caged, but in gilded one. At least they are allowed to go shopping. Moya’s crew show off their technology, but humanity have no idea how any of it works. They’re showing off.

There has always been a strong dynamic between John and his father. Jack has always been a role model and confident to his son, so it is painful seeing their falling out about sharing the technology with all nations. This means that the conversation that we want to hear, John telling Jack about the wonders that he was seen doesn’t happen.

Their confrontation is the heart of this episode. Both are stubborn, but it is Jack who blinks first when he realises that he was only made director to keep his son in line to do his government’s wishes. They reconcile, and but they only have time to say goodbye before John leaves.

Crichton’s time on Moya has changed him, and it causes him to question if he belongs. He has spent so much time trying to get home, that he doesn’t realise that home actually is Moya with his new family.

Aeryn is also questioning if she belongs. She learns from both Jack and Caroline that John does love her, but she feels that he keeping her at arm’s length. She even confronts Crichton about what he wants for her, which is of course broken up by the Skreeth. Because it’s Farscape and bad timing.

In other news, Grayza knows that it is possible to traverse a wormhole. Which means she is going to double her efforts to get Crichton to spill the beans. But he can always resist those interrogation methods again I suppose. Oh, and poor poor Braca, always poor Braca.


Quick Hits:

  • Good news, DK got married. Bad news, Laura and he are killed by the Skreeth.
  • Noranti and Rygel are relegated to just sitting around eating in this episode. Rygel is in heaven.
  • All Chiana wants to do is go out, make some friends, and party.
  • Doesn’t the Skreeth in her green and red look quite Christmassy?
  • Jack doesn’t think of Aeryn as an alien. What about daughter in law?
  • Sikozu doesn’t want to be probed. Unless Scorpius were to do it…
  • Is that Scorpius being selfless about making sure that Grayza doesn’t get John’s wormhole knowledge?
  • John is given his mother’s wedding ring by Olivia.
  • Aeryn finds out about the seed John uses. This is not good.


And Finally…

Merry frelling Christmas everyone!