In this episode Riley and Will try to hide from Whispers, as Capheus tries to fix the Van Damm.


The opening scene of Kala swimming and each of the sensates joining her with their own liquid related adventures, sent you straight back into the weird and wonderful world of Sense8. The first half of this two hour episode is spent reminding us the viewers where we were at the end of the first season.

That’s fine as there is quite a bit to get caught up with. With seven different storylines traversing the world, Sense8 is not the show to dip in and out of. Actually, even here the storylines are unbalanced, but enough is done to give a guideline as to where each one is going.

The main focus (if that is even possible for this series) is on Wolfgang, and the consequences of him murdering his uncle. His family want him back so that he would become the head of the West Berlin organised crime syndicate. His refusal seems to have started a gang war, which of course he is in the middle of.

The other storyline gathering pace is Will and his connection to Whispers. It seems that Will and Riley will be doing the heavy lifting on the overarching plot of what sensates are. Family is a big theme in this show and it is quite sinister when Whispers goes to visit Will’s dad.

Talking of family, Lito comes out to his mother. He seems quite strong standing up for being gay but he is quite fearful of telling her. However, his mother’s unconditional love for her son wins the day. Even though it is laid on pretty thickly. I think there is a message there somewhere.

For the rest, nothing much happens. Sun is still in jail, and her brother attempts to assassinate her. Kala still isn’t sure who she loves, with hilarious effects. Nomi is nominally in hiding and Capheus has a special guest for dinner.

The coolest part of this show is the interconnectivity of the sensates themselves. They seem to have a pretty good grasp of their connections, mostly and those little character moments when two meet up are pretty special. You do have your four main pairings. Nomi and Lito, Sun and Capheus, Kala and Wolfgang, Riley and Will. It still feels fresh when you get a pairing you aren’t expecting, like when Kala ended up in Sun’s cell.

Something that is getting a little old though is the whole group connections. Each one was nice, in their own way but it seemed repetitive. I suppose it makes sense, but sometimes too much of a good thing is simply too much.


Quick Hits:

  • The character of Capheus has been recast, and his opening scene makes as much fun out of it as possible.
  • It is interesting that each one sees something different written on the wall when they experience Lito arriving home to all of the media.
  • Kala and Capheus try and explain what is happening to them, but in very different ways.
  • So Whispers uses blockers to keep everyone else out from him. Can they be got on prescription?
  • The return of the orgy scene. I’m not sure why it is there. The Wolfgang and Kala scene afterwards does it so much better, and is funnier.
  • Poor Rajan, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
  • So this cluster isn’t the first created by Angelica, and it didn’t go well.
  • Lito should know that mothers are the best. “Too good a dancer to be a straight man.” Superb!
  • Do not make Sun angry again. At least this time she didn’t break the computer.
  • Have I mentioned that Felix is the best of the side characters? Between the bad plotting line and the whole thing about being a sidekick. And what a present…
  • It was cool the first time, but do we really need to see all eight together when there is a bust up. Sun and Will had it covered.


And Finally…

The Van Damm is dead. Long live the new Van Damm.