In this episode the Legends head to Chicago where an attempt on Eliot Ness’ life puts the timeline at risk. Mick starts to get visions of his ex-partner.


So it seems that the gruesome twosome has expanded into a terrible threesome with the edition of Malcolm Merlyn. Legends of tomorrow, the show which get the villain castoffs from the other Arrowverse shows! The concern here is making sure that our team of villains don’t end up standing on each other’s toes.

If done properly, Legends versus Villains would be great and there was a hint of this with three different fights going on simultaneously. Having different groups of the team dealing with a different threat could spice things up nicely.

Sara’s journey has been one of the biggest highlights of this season. She has matured and grown as the responsibilities of being captain of this happy band of misfits have fallen onto her shoulders. Malcolm Merlyn’s offer would have been very tempting, but she feels responsible for keeping the timeline secure and realises that she wouldn’t change herself.

Sara does however give the amulet to Merlyn in exchange for the location of Stein. Martin earlier in the episode finally confesses to his captain that he now has a daughter, which is a time aberration. Stein’s impassioned plea that he doesn’t want to lose these new memories, adds a little perspective on the consequences of fixing the aberrations. The bad news is that Reverse Flash knows about the daughter and you know that it going to come into play at some stage.

As all of this going on Mick begins to get visions of Snart who is questioning Mick’s continued presence in the team. Mick takes charge of the rescue attempt and does it his way, as a criminal, but even here his subconscious tells him that he can always runs away. He doesn’t give into temptation, but it is always there in the back of his mind.

Mick isn’t a boy scout, and he feels that he is surrounded by do-gooders. Amaya stealing him a bottle of whiskey shows that even the beacon of the JSA can be corrupted a little. He’s done his job for the week.


Quick Hits:

  • Ray and Nate as competitive brothers. I just want to hit their head together.
  • How awkward was it for Stein being told that Sara learned her selflessness from him?
  • Amaya and Mick as Bonny and Clyde. That works.
  • I like how the anti-speed gun worked, that’s new for this show.
  • So, Martin was taken to the same place as Elliott Ness for his swim with the fishes. Wouldn’t that have been the first place to look.
  • Do hickey alert! Hello Spear of Destiny. I cannot guess what we are doing next.
  • But first, Rip Hunter is in the sixties making a show about Rip Hunter.


And Finally…

“Hi guys were standing right here.” Hey Ray and Nate do you think that Mick cares?