Prometheus makes his move on the Arrow. Curtis’ husband makes an ultimatum.


This is your rant warning! I am about to vent bigly. You may want to take your loved ones and put them somewhere safe. If you are an Arrow fan, you may want to just jump to the Quick Hits.

I need to talk about the ending of this episode first. If the writers were going for a OMG moment followed by a month of wondering how Laurel survived, they missed. My reaction, WTF and then throwing everything at hand at the screen.

Now, I appreciate that the probability was strong that we were going to get a return of the Black Canary. Felicity even made a joke about people coming back to life every Wednesday. However, I was expecting a long con with hints and a storyline rather than a Luke Skywalker-esque “look I’m back” followed by fade to black.

“Oh but they shocked you”, I hear you cry. No, they’ve peeved me off as it seems that the return was for no other reason than a mid-season surprise. There better be one good storyline reason for this or else I’m done with this. At the time, Laurel whispering to Oliver was seen as the opening for shenanigans, but this was quickly resolved.

The death of Laurel Lance was one of the big drivers during the end of last season, and has been a cloud over quite a bit of this season. Her father has crawled back into the bottle, while it was one of the big reasons why Team Arrow 1.0 split up. I should also mention that her sister almost went over the deep end in Legends of Tomorrow?

For this whole arc to mean anything, this Laurel’s coming and going have to be explained well. The Black Canary was about to retire so why disappear for six months? At the moment this arc makes little sense, especially as no one knew she was still alive.

In other news we finally meet Curtis’ husband Paul, who isn’t impressed that this significant other is a vigilante. He understands that Curtis has never been happier even though he has seen the toll it has already taken out on Curtis. He then goes straight for the me or them ultimatum which I’m a little disappointed by, especially when Paul backs down to the whole choice thing.

Another fall out from Laurel’s death was Oliver killing Damien Darkh. When given the choice earlier as mayor to allow the police to kill on sight he approves, and with that that choice in mind he takes out Prometheus at the first opportunity. It ended up being Billy instead, and that leaves Felicity devastated.

The flashback sequences really fleshed out the backstory of Prometheus’ motivation. I liked how it set up the background staging as the Arrow went looking for Prometheus. This of course means that our big bad must have access to the crime scene photos from his father’s murder. There is a link to our Russia story as it seems that he, like Oliver, were trained by the same woman there. Normal flashback services will resume no doubt next episode.


Quick Hits:

  • You know that they are going dark if you don’t get the Christmas ident.
  • Thea isn’t the only one who needs a drink when Susan Williams is introduced as Oliver’s girlfriend.
  • Wild dog doesn’t like rules or listening.
  • I forgot just how many people the Hood killed? Is it really the same Oliver?
  • We cannot say for certain who Prometheus is? Until he’s unmasked I still think that it is the DA.
  • I think they lingered on the Russian Vodka a little too long. I still don’t trust Susan.


And Finally…

Diggle is captured again when he thinks that Lyla is in trouble. All is not good for Team Arrow.