In this episode The Flash goes to Earth 3 to have a chat with Jay Garrick. Cisco starts getting some visions of his dead brother.


I really want to have a sit down chat with Future Barry and tell him to actually capture some of his enemies. As they have this really annoying habit of going back in time and messing around with our Flash.

Now that Team Flash has a clue they quickly find the link between Julian and Savitar, and he is quickly unmasked as Alchemy. I’m a little surprised that he doesn’t have any recollections of helping the big bad, so I’m guessing that his story isn’t finished yet. As an avatar of the self-proclaimed god of speed they use Julian to talk to his master. Which leads us to the quote of the night;

“One shall betray you. One shall fall. One Shall suffer a fate worse than death.” Conversations with Savitar.

Unlike with last season’s Arrow, we find out immediately who is the one that is going to fall. In five months time, at the season’s end, Savitar is going to murder Iris. I like that it is out there in the open from day one. I appreciate that Jay tells Barry not to become a slave to the future, but we know that Barry is going to get consumed by this future.

It also explains his present to Iris, as he wants as many moments with her as possible. As for the betrayal and fate worse than death. My unscientific guess, Caitlin (we know Killer Frost is coming back) and Joe (especially if Iris dies) respectively.

Speaking of the Wests, they finally realise that Wally is going to try and become a hero no matter what they think so it finally gets accepted. HR is actually right with this one. Wally was going to find someone to help him develop his speed, so HR helping him is better than Wally going underground in his search for a mentor.

The other main driver of the episode is Cisco’s visions of his brother. Part of me was thinking that he was being set up as Julian’s replacement, but didn’t the first visions happen before Julian was umasked? Until last week’s make up this would have been a very bad thing, but Cisco is able to put his grief aside and close the box.

Cisco’s problems with his brother dying is the part of the Flashpoint storyline which has worked the best.

Quick Hits:

  • Christmas title card is a go.
  • Earth 3 is both nerdy and amazing, and say hello to the Trickster’s cameo.
  • I didn’t know that Caitlin knew swear words.
  • The CGI speedsters still make me laugh.
  • Is there anyone who doesn’t know The Flash’s identity? You know the name doesn’t mean that he flashes everyone…
  • They need to do something about Wally liking getting beaten up.
  • No Caitlin with your history of boyfriends\husbands is becoming friendly with Julian a good thing?
  • On the other hand, I don’t like Julian so please go ahead.
  • After the nog off at the West’s we realise that grandmas are alcoholics.
  • Wally gets his super suit.
  • Some Christmas snow from snow. She is showing a little control over her powers.


And Finally…

So Plan A of throwing the box into the speed force doesn’t work. Savitar will return.