The librarians go to a funfair where the employees just aren’t right. While a magician looks for an old love.


This episode began with Jenkins out in the field looking for the librarians. I was hoping that we were going to get a Jenkins episode, especially when he teamed up with the precocious scamp, but alas we didn’t. Jenkins does find the team, and they have a pretty standard adventure for the remainder of the episode.

I sound a little down about this episode, and I am a little disappointed by getting the hint of a focus on Jenkins and then getting it yanked away from me. We’ve seen Jenkins out in the field probably more in this first half of the season than in either of the previous two, and it is always good to see him out and about.

Can I just have a Jenkins centric episode please?

The biggest revelation was that with the return of magic, it is possible for new artifacts to be created. Now, I’m not saying that this is the end of the artifact of the week episodes, but it would be a good rabbit hole to go down. Maybe this plays into the big battle that they have been hinting at all season, but it does give them a different type of story to tell.

As for the main storyline, it was a bit ho hum. By the end, it had become a parody of a 1960’s era Batman complete with large vat of wax which our villain falls into. I was expecting a fist fight between the clowns and the combo team of Stone and Baird, complete with Bang! And Kapow! visual effects.

I was a little confused at the beginning of the episode when the camera footage from the original carnival looked so grainy. It felt more 1980s than 90s, I had figured out what was going on, but was a little confused when they said 1996. Maybe I’m getting old.


Quick Hits:

  • That juggling at the beginning of the episode. No, it wasn’t speeded up.
  • Cassandra no longer likes clowns. It was going so well until she met them.
  • You know you are in trouble if custard pies cannot make the woman you are trying to impress laugh.
  • Charlotte isn’t going to like you if you act like a psycho.
  • DoSA are still around, and spot the pictures of Baird.
  • I hope that they retrieved their magic detector before they left.
  • A nice new empty wing for modern artefacts. Are they expecting many?


And Finally…

Should I mention Baird and that bag on her second head? That whole sequence looked really bad.